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I cannot imagine a better agency or experience than we received with Adopt-A-Child. Everyone here and in Russia were friendly, professional, and knowledgeable. The orphanage that cared for our little boy was also awesome. They took such good care of him. He was in the 50th percentile for height and weight and was on target in every developmental way possible. There were never any attachment issues. We adopted Owen in 2009. We first met him when he was 10 1/2 months old, and brought him home at 14 months. He was a happy healthy baby...and we owe it all to Adopt A Child. The director is Russian and spends half her time there, which I believe makes a huge difference with the Russian people. She observes the children's development and care, and hand picks each child. I cannot imagine a better agency or experience. I give them higher than the highest rating!!! Please do not hesitate to use this agency if you have decided on adopting from Russia. They are simply awesome. It has been 2 1/2 years since we adopted and we are thankful for them each day!

Couldn't Be Happier - AAC is Wonderful


My Husband and I couldn't be happier with AAC. They are the best and I can't think of anything they could have done better! Both staff in Country and in Moscow were wonderful, they took care of everything and walked us thru every step of the way. This was our 1st adoption and I would recommend them to anyone! We came home with a 14 Month old girl this past Feb 2011 from Moscow and we love her to death! We loved her from the 1st day we met her and AAC couldn't have made a better choice for us. From the day we took her from the Baby Home - she has adjusted wonderfully and it's so amazing to watch her. She is the happiest little girl, who is always laughing, tries new things and is always making everyone smile! Our International Dr. told us she was very pleased with her development and was basically a heathy little girl! We just can't thank them enough for putting this little girl in our life. She is so very special to us.

I researched and researched and read horror stories on line and in adoption chat rooms and going into this it can feel scary and you don't know what to expect - but I can't say it enough AAC didn't give us much to worry about! They answered every question we had, they were easy to get ahold of and were very honest and upfront with us. There were no surprise costs or fees. We were not expected to carry large sums of money to Russia as you read or hear about. We live in Texas and actually have never met the staff in Pittsburgh but they took care of us and hopefully one day we can take our daughter to meet them. Even after the adoption is complete - AAC is still reminding us about our Post Adoption Reports/ Home Visits and their paperwork is so easy to follow and read. They are still there helping us! Thank you Sonia, Amy, Denise and everyone else at AAC. You all are Wonderful!

In country was a wonderful experience as well. Olga told us where to be, what to say, how to dress, and it was a very easy/smooth process. She took care of everything else! We were very surprised by Baby Home #13 that our daughter was in - it was clean, the children seemed to be well taken care of, the care takers were friendly and the Director was so very nice to us. There was a flu scare during our 10 day wait period and my Parents had come over to meet their grandchild and we found out visitors were not allowed in the Baby Home that week. The Director was so nice and knew my Parents had come that she allowed us to make one visit a day (not the standard 2) and bring 1 parent - so they took turns.

We will never forget boris our Driver! He was great and went above and beyond while in country. We had him for Trip #1, loved him so much that we requested him for Trip #2 and were very happy to see him when we got off the plane. He became part of our family the 3 weeks we were there. Helped take my Husband & parents back and forth to the airport. Helped me move apartments the day I was in country by myself between family coming and going. Took us grocery shopping, site seeing, roamed around with us telling the history, joined us for lunch and dinners. Translated for us, introduced us to new food - He was great!!!

With all that said - We would recommend AAC to anyone and couldn't be happier. Our adoption experience is so memorable and wonderful and look forward to sharing it with our daughter.

Thank you again for everything AAC

We came home with our


We came home with our daughter in January, 2008. The experience was perfect. The staff at Adopt-A-Child is second to none. The care during the process and now during the follow up has been wonderful. We had excellent communication, education, and guidance in Russia Our daughter is healthy and happy. We have had no problems from start to finish. We would recommend this agency, without reservation, to anyone looking to adopt a child from Russia. This is an elite agency, simply the best.

Highly Recommended! Excellent Agency! Couldn't Be Happier!


We returned from Moscow in August 2011, with our son (Sam), and both my wife and I, can't say enough good things about Adopt a Child.

This is a complicated process, with SO much paperwork, but we always felt in safe hands.

They have been doing this, for over 18 years, and it definitely shows. Both us, and the other couple who were using AAC as their agency, (and who were there at the same time as us, for the last two trips), couldn't believe how smoothly everything went.

The staff in Pittsburgh are simply awesome; always there on the phone, quick to respond to emails, totally supportive and knowledgeable. Every step of the process went exactly as they described, and anything we asked about, they provided solid answers to. They just did anything they could.... to accommodate us.

Talking to other families at the US Embassy in Moscow, (on the second to last day of our final trip), that was definitely NOT the experience of everyone adopting in Russia, using american adoption agencies.

Very important, was the fact that AAC have their own people in country, (We were not tendered out to other agencies in Russia, like some other adoption agencies do) Olga, (AAC's Moscow Representative and close friend of Sonia in Pittsburgh) was like a second mother to us, and held our hands, and guided us through all the bureaucracy, effortlessly. This agency really felt like a family, both in the US and in Russia.

Olga knew everyone in Moscow, really well, from the baby home, to the court officials, the passport agency people, the doctors.... And there was a palpable mutual respect with everyone in the adoption process in Moscow and AAC... like they knew that AAC were bringing good families, and knew how to do this adoption thing properly..

And trust me, that was invaluable, when you have a baby with you, you want everything to go quickly and smoothly, with no drama. That was absolutely our experience.

Another important thing, every single financial expense was agreed from the beginning, and was absolutely stuck to, right until the end.. We met a poor couple at the US embassy, who were about to sue their agency, because they were forced to wire money (unknown to them at the outset) while they were in Russia.. Awful.. This whole thing is expensive enough, without being blackmailed when in a strange country.

The Baby Home in Moscow was beautiful, (we thought it would be cold, dark, full of screaming kids and stern nurses) Not at all, it was a lovely, generous, warm place with friendly staff. They even had cabins outside for children to play in, classes, music, smells of good food... I could go on.. We were very surprised... Again, AAC's connections and influence in Russia, meant that they only work with good, reputable, orphanages.. Where they genuinely take good care of the children in their home.

Well, our little munchkin is about to get up from his nap, so I am going to have to go, please check out Adopt A Child, because our experience far surpassed our expectations.

Double thumbs UP!!



This agency is by far the BEST!!!!! When my husband and I decided that we wanted to adopt a child from Russia, picking an agency was the absolute hardest part of the process. There are so many agencies to choose from and so much information to sort through on-line and elsewhere, that it's hard to absorb it all. I can't tell prospective clients enough positive things about this agency. From start to finish, everything flowed so smoothly, even in country. We started the process (signed the first contract) in September of 2009 and we had our child home, a beautiful and healthy 18 month-old boy, in July 2010. Our little boy is now 28 months and he has reached all social and medical milestones. He is an absolute gem and we adore this little boy more than words can express! If you are considering adopting a child from Russia, choose Adopt-A-Child, Inc. as your placement agency. It was once of the best decisions that we made!

Knowledgable, Professional and Caring


It has been 8 years since we have brought our son home. Wow, what a wonder boy. We are so blessed. We were also blessed with having an agency that cared as much as we did. They know the process, are professional but also personal.

For those not in the Pittsburgh area, you can still use Adopt-A-Child. We live in Chicago and it worked out fine.
Thank you Adopt-A-Child!

Wonderful adoption agency


We adopted our first son 4 years ago from Russia through Adopt-A-Child. The first adoption from start to finish was just a little over 1 year. We are now adopting our second son and so far it has only been 6 months since we have started the process. Our first trip was about one month ago and we are currently waiting for a court date. I would recommend Adopt-A-Child because they are professional, friendly and know what they are doing. The drivers and translators in Russia were very friendly and courteous.

Excellent agency specializing in Russian adoptions


We have just returned home with our 18-month-old daughter adopted through Adopt-A-Child. She is transitioning well and shows very few developmental delays. It is clear that she got superior care at Baby Home #4 in St. Petersburg. We opted for Adopt-A-Child because they only work with select baby homes in the St. Petersburg and Moscow areas that provide exceptional care. We were not disappointed. Baby Home #4 was spotlessly clean and was filled with colorful, age-appropriate toys. The staff seemed to have a genuine connection with our daughter. They were very affectionate with her, knew her personality, and were very moved to see her go. Both the pediatrician in Moscow and the US confirmed that she received excellent care. As a result, her height, weight and head size are normal for her age.

Our adoption process went very smoothly with Adopt-A-Child. We were very comfortable with the friendly, knowledgeable staff and felt that we were provided all the necessary information in a timely and forthright manner. They were very responsive to all of our inquiries and empathetic to our agitation about the lumbering, lengthly Russian process.

We trusted Adopt-A-Child to assist us in adopting our daughter because they hold themselves to the highest professional standards here in the US and in Russia. We also trusted them because they clearly have invested enormous amounts of time and energy understanding the Russian adoption system and building the necessary relationships that help the process run as smoothly as possible. By focusing on only a few areas in Russia, they have developed a depth of understanding and experience that would be hard to rival and that is of tremendous benefit to adoptive families.

We would highly recommend Adopt-A-Child to anyone looking to adopt from Russia.

Great Experience


My husband and I brought home our son in March 2010 from Baby Home #4 in St. Petersburg, Russia. We were thrilled with the experience that we had with Adopt a Child and are thrilled to announce that we have a bright, healthy and handsome 2 1/2 year old boy.

We received our referral in October 2009 and brought our son home in March 2010. Adopt a Child prepared us for most of the "ups and downs" involved in the process (both in the US and in Russia), so nothing was a surprise. The process moved along quickly and professionally and we were actually surprised at how relatively easy the whole process was. With the exception of one social worker at Adopt a Child's Pennsylvania office, everybody was professional and extremely knowledgeable. The Adopt a Child staff abroad (both in St Petes and Moscow) were also very professional and helpful, especially when we stayed in St Petes for three weeks (combining Trips two and three).

Our son is very bright and has no serious health problems. He attached to us fairly easily ( he was 22 months old when we brought him home). He has no developmental delays that we are aware of. He is our only child and we feel very lucky that Adopt a Child placed him with us. Its obvious to us that Adopt a Child only works with quality baby homes that care for their children as best as they can, given limited resources and staff.

We know other families who adopted children from other baby homes in both St Petes and the Leningrad Region (but also thru Adopt a Child) and each family has indicated that like our son, their children are doing extremely well.

If you are interested in adopting a Russian child, I would highly recommend using Adopt a Child. They know the Russian rules/laws inside and out, as Russia is the only country that they work with.

Excellent experience


I used AAC in 2008-9, and brought home a very healthy, very active 2 year old boy. The process was very quick and efficient. My home study was in September 2008; I received the referral video/information in October 2008, visited little William in November and again in February. He came home at the end of February 2009. Every time I was in Moscow I had everything explained to me. This agency has NO surprises; everything is as they say it is. They were wonderful, professional, responsive. Would highly recommend. In fact, I am using them again for another adoption soon. I couldn't be happier with the whole experience.

Wonderful Agency


We adopted our son over 4 years ago thru AAC and they were a wonderful and very reliable agency.

They kept us informed thruout the whole process and both trips to Russia were exactly how they prepared us. AAC is getting back to you within 24 hours or less to any possible question.

We received two vidoes and numerous pictures of our son during the waiting period. Our son was absolutly healthy and is doing great. With his 5 years he is in 75% for height and weight and a athletic and funny child .

We can highly recommend AAC to every parent looking to adopt a child from Russia.

An Awsome experience


When my wife and I started the adoption journey, we looked around and did research and every time we did a search Adopt-A-Child Inc. came up. I grew up in Pittsburgh, PA originally and have family still in Pittsburgh, so even though my wife and I live in Southern California, we had a connection in Pittsburgh.

From the very beginning AAC was upfront and honest about what was going on. When we finally turned in all our paperwork in late January 07, What a great day that was! we were told we were going to get a match in early April. We got a call in Mid February and, we were told that the Russian Government was re accrediting agencies and we would have to wait until that process was over. While we waited AAC kept us informed on a bi-weekly basis via an email, and phone calls. We had been waiting and going through so much prior to our paperwork being finalized we were very happy to be where we were Waiting for someone or something other than our paperwork. I think our waiting was much tougher on our families than it was on us. Once AAC was re accredited we received our match in mid July, and told that we would travel in late August early September.

We were told that you have to expect the unexpected with the Russian Government, we got a call that we were on hold again, the Ministry of Education was reorganizing and they had 3 months to reopen the office. AAC kept us updated and we had to update paperwork and we got the call that we were to travel right after Thanksgiving, November 27th and we were the first group of families going through. We were back in Moscow on Dec 21st for our court date, and we picked up our little guy on January 21st, 2008. While we had to wait a while to actually move forward once we were able to travel the time between our trips was very quick.

When we first approached AAC we had only one wish, a healthy child, when we got our match and paperwork (and video) we passed the info along to our international doctor and he had very good things to say about our son. As good as you can with out actually meeting him. In the end we ended up with 3 video's of our child ( very rare to get that many) We are very happy we did as we have a great remembrance for him when he gets older. He has been home 6 months now and is putting together words and making positive milestones (he has gained 3lbs & grown 1.5 inches) its pretty amazing the growth you get when they are out of the institutional environment and are in a one on one family.

AAC staff in Moscow was fantastic, we had the same driver for the last 2 trips!

I would highly recommend Adopt-A-Child Inc. to anyone!!!

We had a perfect experience!


From start to finish, our case was handled with great attention, care, knowledge, and efficiency. We returned home with our daughter in January, 2008. We began the process in June of 2006 but because of delays in Russia, our adoption was held up. During the wait, we were updated as to the accreditation of the agency and never felt "out of the loop". Our daughter is perfect. She is healthy, very smart, and very affectionate and loving. We have met couples from other agencies that had horror stories about their adoption process, the condition of the orphanage, and issues with their children, we had not one problem. Every piece of paperwork was in perfect order, we were well educated in issues of Russian adoption as well as given excellent information concerning travel, court appearances, and costs. The orphanage was nicer than we thought it would be and the children seemed to receive good care. The only surprise in the process was that our little girl is even more wonderful than we thought was possible!! Adopt-A-Child takes a very personal approach and is greatly involved throughout the adoption and post-adoption. They have a special talent in matching children to parents and creating the perfect family. We have met several families that used this agency and all of them feel that they have been blessed with the perfect child for them. We recommend this agency, without reservation, to anyone who would love to adopt a child from Russia.

They are the Best!!


From the first meeting, the entire staff of Adopt-A-Child was there for us, and explained everything step-by-step. There were literally NO surprises. They answered every one of my "million" questions with no problems. They were constantly in touch with us through the entire process, and we always felt like we were up to speed with everything. Their pre-adoption classes were extremely helpful, especially "Interpreting the Medical History" with Dr. Sarah Springer. We got our referral the beginning of April '06, just as the re-accreditation mess was starting. We were in country in Krasnoyarsk Siberia within 3 weeks. We were thoroughly briefed, and everything went just as the AAC staff said it would. Our second trip was the end of August, and again, the AAC staff had everything well in hand. Many other families we saw in Kras were hand-carrying documents, and running into last minute troubles and SNAFUs. Not us! Every "I" dotted, every "T" crossed. We brought our wonderful daughter Sarah home in September. The followup reports and after visits and paperwork have also been expedited by the AAC staff with equal diligence. I would, and HAVE, recommended Adopt-A-Child for anyone wanting to pursue and international adoption.

Experienced, Knowledgeable, Efficient


I used this agency for the adoption of my daughter (14 months at referral, 16 months at homecoming). Even in the midst of the reaccreditation mess, they moved as quickly as possible. Once the homestudy was submitted, it took 6 months until referral. From referral to first trip was 1 month, and then trips 2 and 3 were each one month apart. I had requested a girl as young as possible, and was referred a 14 month old girl in Moscow, underweight and slightly behind developmentally (as are all russian orphans). I had her video and medicals reviewed in the US and was told she was basically healthy, in spite of the scary sounding things in her medical. A year home, and she has gained weight, caught up developmentally (but still receives speech therapy) and we couldn't be happier. I would recommend this agency to any one who is looking for a Russian child!