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Adoption Center of San Diego
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One of a kind experience...


Our family's experience was amazing. And by "family" I mean the adoptive parents as well as the birth mother. Because our birth mother did not feel comfortable with her adoptive parent choices at another agency, that agency called Sarah (not the first time) to see if she could help make a match. We were the match. There were ups and downs through the process as any important process will have but in the end none of us can look back and think anything but positive thoughts and memories of how Sarah Jensen handled everything. She was caring and strong and held our hand through the roller coaster, which is all you can ask unless you are a mind reader or can predict the future.

Open adoption is an amazing experience if you open your heart to it. Sarah helps all parties realize the benefits, get to know each other, know the expectations of the relationship and make the unknown future a lot easier to deal with.

We knew this was the right place for us since we have three other friends/couples that adopted through Sarah and each separately reached out to let us know about Sarah. Also, when completing the home study with the caseworker for the city of San Diego, the caseworker said "Sarah is one of our favorites to work with." If that isn't an endorsement, I don't know what is.

Everyone has been through a long road to decide to adopt so why not go through it with someone who has a track record and puts her clients first - both birth parent and adoptive parent clients.

Don't Give Up... Best Thing I Ever Did!


After coming to the conclusion from failed attempts that I would be childless, I searched out many options. I was discouraged by all the odds and didn't need another disappointment to my soul. Then I hear about Sarah Jensen at Adoption Center of San Diego. It took one meeting and I knew God sent her to me for help. I was so scared, yet I knew I couldn't go through life without experiencing the love my mother and I shared and not experiencing for myself with my child. Within 30 days, and with 8 hours notice, our birthletter was picked and we had our baby. BEST and most SURREAL experience of my life. We now have half sisters from the same birthmother and I'm so THANKFUL to Sarah and God for our TWO BLESSING...

Sarah Jensen with SD Adoption Center is an ANGEL!


My husband and I did a lot of research on adoption before we selected the SD Adoption Center. The moment we met Sarah Jensen, the Director, we fell in love with her and her mission ---"pro family" and the love she pours over her birth mothers and adopting families.

The adoption process can feel impersonal and 'business-like' but NOT with Sarah and the San Diego Adoption Center. There were several reasons we decided to adopt our baby through Sarah. The first and foremost reason is she loves, loves, loves her families...her birth families and her adoptiong families. She does everything she can to support them and give them all of the resources and support they need. And she stays in contact with these families for years, knows them personally, and remains a support in their lives when they need her. She also does what I would consider a smaller number of adoptions per year, typically between 20-25, so it's more of a 'boutique' feel, unlike some adoption agencies that do hundreds of adoptions per year. That wa snot for us...this type of agency made us feel like a number with no personalization. The final reason that we felt so strongly about in selecting SD Adoption Center -- Sarah offered us a monthly support group with other adopting couples...and it was so wonderful! We didn't realize how much the support helped prepare us while we faithfully waited to be matched with our son. After 8 months, we were matched and we now have a beautiful, healthy son who just celebrated his first bithday. We are getting ready to adopt our second child and we would not even consider going through anyone else other than Sarah and SD Adoption Center. We love you Sarah!!!

Superior in every way


We adopted our son domestically through another agency and came to ACSD for our second adoption. What a difference! Sarah is compassionate and savvy - both necessary traits for a smooth adoption. She is truly on everybody's side - her love for birthmothers is evident as is her appreciation of adoptive parents. In comparison to our previous experience, ACSD offers far more support and counseling to both birthmothers and adoptive parents. There is a higher level of professionalism as well. I give my highest recommendation to ACSD and Sarah, the adoption facilitator.

Very warm, attentive and organized


I can't say enough good things about Sarah Jensen Elhoff and the Adoption Center of San Diego. She helped us adopt a healthy baby boy. She cares about everyone involved in the process, the birth family, the adoptive family and the adoptees. When you choose the Adoption Center of San Diego, it's like joining a big family. They give the same warm, attentive and organized care to everyone they work with. Sarah has a fantastic team to help you through the process and offers support groups and seminars for both birthmoms and adoptive parents to give you the tools you need for a successful adoption. The Adoption Center of San Diego has been around for a long time and Sarah is an expert facilitator. We hope to adopt again through them in the future. Choosing the Adoption Center of San Diego will change your life.

Best Choice!!!


Highly recommend ACSD for adoptive parents and birthparents seeking to place for adoption. Sarah goes above and beyond to ensure the wellbeing of the baby being placed, the birthfamily, and adoptive family. I am a birthmother who experienced the support and warmth Sarah had to offer over 9 years ago. Since then, I know friends who have used ACSD/Sarah to adopt and had a wonderful experience.

More than an "agency"


The Adoption Center of San Diego was "it" for us. We went to to other orientations, spoke with other adoption professionals, but ACSD felt like family immediately. Sarah and Hannah care so much about everyone involved (birth families, adopting parents) and work so hard to not only get all our questions answered, but to also make us champions of adoption. We love the seminars, support group, and community they provide and can't wait to "grow old" with the friends we've met and watch our kids grow together.

Can't say enough ...WONDERFUL!


My husband and I walked into the orientation for the Adoption Center of San Diego confused and not knowing where to go in terms of adoption. Sarah, the Facilitator, was incredible. She walked us through the entire process, made us feel incredibly comfortable, and showed EQUAL care to her adoptive families AND birth families...making us feel very good all around. It was clear to us that she has only loving intentions and feels "called" to do this type of work. Our end result was a beautiful little boy who is, now, the center of our world. The process was smooth and we were very blessed to have her and the Adoption Center of San Diego as a resource. Definitely recommend checking out!

I highly recommend them.


I highly recommend them. They're very ethical and very reliable.

With Much Appreciation!


It's such a joy to give an outstanding review to Sarah Jensen Elhoff & the Adoption Center of San Diego! Sarah is knowledgeable, experienced, trust-worthy, helpful, patient, supportive, loving and caring to all parties involved in the adoption process. Sarah is ever present through each stage of the adoption process which is so helpful! I highly recommend Sarah to adoptive parents and birthmoms who are interested in adoption.

By far, the best for both birth parents and adoptive parents!


I researched several agencies before deciding on Adoption Center of San Diego. After feeling like the agencies were treating adoption as a business, I found ACSD to be refreshing and sincere! After meeting with Sarah, we found someone that viewed adoption as we did. Not a business, but a ministry! When we went to the orientation it was so evident adoption was and is Sarah's ministry. The Adoption Center of San Diego was our perfect match! We continue to sing praises for all that Sarah and her staff has done for us.

Since then, we have adopted two gorgeous children with the help of ACSD. Both times were less than a year, if fact, our 2nd baby only took 2 months! And our kids couldn't be more gorgeous! :) We feel more educated about adoption, open-adoption and have a new found respect for birthmothers and their families because of our journey. If you are ever considering adoption in general, I would strongly suggest one of her orientations. She will educate you in all types of adoption and which route is best for you.

On behalf of both of our wonderful birthmothers, they both called other adoption agencies and felt as if they weren't being treated well. Both of them shared with us that they chose Sarah because she was compassionate and loving towards them. I find that amazing! Both of them, not knowing one another, both shared the same thing with us. I think that says a lot about the wonderful work Sarah is doing at the ACSD!

If you are looking to place your baby, or considering adoption, you can't go wrong with the Adoption Center of San Diego!

How awful


That is a terrible thing to have to go through. I can see it happeining once, but twice? How could there be no signs? How could the agency not forgive some of your expenses or help you get matched with a less risky situaion? We used a group who escalated the matching process after a failed match bc they recognized the emotional budern and pain associated with that process. I think they were top notch in that regard. They even forgave legal expenses.

I have to say, we have heard of a few very recent situations where adoption disruption is happening at ACSD, though we were told repeatedly how rare it occurrs. I'm not sure that we and others were not misled. We shall see. God Bless.



My Wife and I had a beautiful, amazing Son who is now 6. But after that it was one miscarriage after another, the last of which came at 20 weeks and was devastating to my Wife and I. We finally decided that adoption was probably a better route for us, and we found the Adoption Center.

We went to a free orientation, liked what we saw, and paid $250 to get started, which included a consultation and a couple of other things (which I can't remember at this time, it's been awhile). We came in and met one on one with Sarah. Everything seemed to go just fine, and then we didn't hear from her again.

My Wife kept trying to email/call her with no response. We were anxious to get the ball rolling and couldn't figure out why our calls weren't being returned. Finally, nearly two months after our consultation she finally admitted to my Wife that "she wasn't interested in working with us". No explanation, just that basically we weren't good enough to adopt one of "her" babies.

Being told you're not good enough to adopt a baby is, in my opinion, emotionally worse that going through a miscarriage. My Wife was utterly devastated. If we'd at least gotten some sort of explanation, that may have helped. But being told we weren't good enough was just rotten.

We both got the impression that she was not returning our calls/emails because she was hoping we would just go away. Also, my Wife asked for a partial refund of the $250, since that was supposed to cover more than just the consultation.

That request was denied.

Left Me Wondering


I feel the opposite of the poster who said the ACSD didn't seem like it was 'all business'. It did seem like Ms. Jensen was all business and I felt that it was a very lucrative operation for her. We just did not get a good feeling after a few group meetings and a two-on-one interview. I have to wonder how much of ACSD's revenue comes from the meetings/info sessions and interviews all couples must participate in before they work with the ACSD or not.

Not Recommended


Sarah Jensen Elhoff matched us with 2 different birthmothers. After paying for their pre-natal care, neither went through with the adoption. Expensive, Stressful and not good for our marriage. I see others had success. I have a feeling that the ones who were unsuccessful are so emotionally drained, they do not have the energy to make posts on websites. Definitely spend your money and time at your own risk.

Age Guidelines/ Demographics


We really wanted to sign with Adoption Center of San Diego, however the representative, (although friendly), we spoke with told me we didn't match their demographics. They look to match infants with younger couples,. They referred us to another Facilator in the Los Angeles area, but found they have negative reviews. So we are back to square one, and looking for another agency/ facilatator that is willing to work with couples in their forties.

If it is difficult to adopt


If it is difficult to adopt a child here check the information about the adoption process in other countries. Not long ago I came across a video where one woman speaks of how easy it is to adopt a Chinese child. I think the same works in other developing countries who will be happy to save a child from its unattractive fate in a poor and corrupted country.