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Dishonest, crooked, and underhanded

Lots of anti-women's rights propoganda, birth mothers treated like chattel, spied on, run background checks, invade personal life. I've read several stories from the adoptive parents' POV of giving up after years of not being placed--very low match rate

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CA or ILL Residents

Frustrated beyond belief 2

Anyone experiencing problems with ANLC after disruption - not having a match for a long period of time, please contact me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . Thanks.

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Good experience but questionable company...

I've posted before of our good experience with Adoption Network (we adopted twice, in '03 and '05, each time we were matched with great birthparents virtually right away... our only negative was that they referred us to an awful agency up in WA state, A Child's Dream, which costs us further $$ and a lot of aggravation. And as far as i know, they still use ACD despite our bad experience, and the complaints of others..).
The other negatives for me: they did not inform us as to what we were getting into when that second adoption was out of state. They should be more upfront about costs and implications of out of state or complicated adoptions with people. I am very surprised to learn here that people have paid the 2nd half after being matched, and that they do not get that 2nd fee refunded if the match does not work. Adding financial insult to match failure heartbreak is wrong on so many levels and just plain bad business and PR for ANLC.

I find it odd that when you go to their website, many things are not clear about them; who owns them (Kristin Yellin? Al and Carol Gindi?), how many counselors are working there, where are they physically located? Realistic range of expenses... Statistics on how long adoptive couples wait to be successfully matched?

Orange County District Attorney case against AN:

I found the above link on this thread:

I feel very grateful to AN overall because of our two wonderful kids, but i am dismayed by the negative stories here. Would i recommend them to friends? It would depend on the friends -- how easy would they be for AN to match, could they afford this rather expensive route of adoption, could they handle reading the negative stories here and elsewhere online? AN does a great job in reaching birthmoms, that they had a place for our first birthmom to spend the last 2 months of her pregnancy was great, they do place a lot of babies, but AN does have a lot of flaws. Is their business model really dependent on keeping 20k from adoptive parents they could not help, do they think that is ethical?

It is my wish that AN take a good look at itself, listen to constructive criticism, and improve itself. There is a real need out there for great facilitators and agencies. It is not too long or too hard of a journey to go from where AN is now, to what it should be.

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recent experience with ANLC - Adoption Network Law Center

Hello all.
We have been trying to adopt a child for the last year and a half. We were recommended first to use the company Adoption Network Law Center (ANLC), based in California. They use three websites to "promote" prospective adoptive parents to birthmothers (BMs) based in the United States. Before signing the contract with them, we asked for references from couples who used them. We were provided with two contacts, both of whom successfully adopted a child within two months of "going live" on their websites. When a prospective BM is found, her details are forwarded to the parents, and if there is interest from the prospective parents to speak with the BM, the "success fee" of $9800 is paid to ANLC and the BM's last name and number is provided. In our case, we received a call within one month of "going live" on their websites, and after many exchanges of emails and calls, we decided we wanted to go ahead with the BM that chose us. We paid ANLC their "success fee" and then spoke to the BM. Everything seemed fine and we even went out to California a month later to meet the woman. Following the initial conference call, we had to pay two months' financial support to the BM (current month and following month), totaling around $3400. After visiting the BM in California a month later, everything looked great. One week after returning, the Chief Legal Counsel and part-owner of ANLC, called us to say we ran into a problem: the father of the unborn child, who was in jail at the time and was otherwise unemployed, refused to sign the waiver for parental rights, saying he wanted to raise the child himself. The father and the BM were no longer together, so it seemed he was either trying to extract money from the situation or hurt that he was being excluded from the decision making. We were advised by the ANLC that they would wait a week and try again. After the second attempt failed, we were left with a choice: drop the adoption, or continue with the adoption, which meant several more months of BM financial support, and hope the father changed his mind by the time of the birth, and if he didn't, then enter a legal battle and try win after a protracted process. We chose the former because the BM stopped contacting us, which made us think she intended to get back together with the father.

After the failed adoption, we were told (as per the contract), that we would get none of the $9800 "success fee" back, but that they would continue to market us in the same manner as before, despite the fact that they would get no additional money from us should they find a BM for us. I am a business analyst and felt suspicious about such a claim, but we were trustful this would be the case. Nearly a year has passed since this failed adoption attempt and there have been no other potential matches presented to us by ANLC. Around 6 months following the failed adoption, I asked ANLC to present us with references of couples that adopted through them but who did not successfully adopt as fast as the initial two references they provided. When they finally responded with the references, I contacted them and found similar negative feelings about the way ANLC operates and is motivated to generate their "success fee".

It is obvious that, had we been provided these contacts initially (before signing ANLC's contract), we would not have formed an opinion that they were onto something very different in the adoption world and could secure a quick adoption for us. While we are not accusing them of intentionally filtering their list to provide only the most successful situations initially, it certainly seems that was the case. Moreover, their system of charging a one-time success fee, without getting any additional remuneration for a future adoption, seems flawed from a business perspective. I am an investment analyst and study business models for a living, and should have spotted this flaw before signing with them.

I know many couples

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birth mom unheard

I am a birth mother that just the other day told these people i am done. they provide NO counsel and hardly never returned my calls. Placing my baby for adoption was a hard desicion but I thought I would have support and be able to call on my advisor when I was going through a bad moment and being critisized by others for wanting nothing but the best for my baby from friends and family. I am still pregnant, feel alone and going to raise this baby on my own. Im not a fan of fake people and would rather do this on my own. say a prayer for us and the other bm dealing with this angencie because ounce you tell them you have changed your mind they will call and act like they all of the sudden care. bad. bad bad. shame on you money hungry people.

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Nightmare in ANLC - Part 2

Frustrated beyond belief 2
I recently filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau because I feel ANLC is not appropriately promoting our profile. After one disruption, 2 years after signing up, and 20 months waiting for them to find us a match, I think I earned the right to complaint to government agencies which are out there to prevent consumers from being abused. Did you know though that in the Better Business Bureau, ANLC has a rating of A- because hardly anyone complains about them? There are four or five complaints reported in the last 4 years. In answer to my complaint, ANLC stated they don't have any control, blah, blah, blah, no birthmother had picked up. Better Business Bureau closed my complaint. However, the month I filed the complaint, its interesting ANLC sent our profile to double the number of families they have done in the past according to their "incredibly reliable" monthly report. There is no end to this nightmare. They keep on feeding me BS.

Of course, you and anyone with a similar issue against ANLC can contact me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. We can start there - the sky is the limit. Thanks so much to Adoption Agency Rating for this awesome forum to communicate with individuals in like situations.

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your story so f**** mirrors our story...its unbelievable. But sadly, daily more unsuspecting couples sign with them and then get screwed. The problem is they have a "team" of attorneys working for them (heck, they are attorneys!)...they are in CA, the contract is written by attorneys, not naive couples seeking a baby.

I had my attorney send them a letter asking for our money back.
This is the owner's-Yellin (anlc) response:
"I am in receipt of your letter yesterday in which you request a $22,600 refund to your clients. I do not agree with your request, and as such, you will not be receiving a check from adoption network law center.
ANLC has provided them with the agreed upon services since the day they retained anlc. anlc has earned the fees paid to us. I ask that you kindly refer to the adoption services agreement regarding the non-refundability of fees paid."

keep in mind, supposedly a human being wrote the above. It's simply a case of "if it seems too good too to be true..."
If anyone reads this, is it worth $22,600 if even there is only a 5% chance you lose your money.
I have met at least 10 people who are out their money with anlc.
I wish there was a way we could communicate outside of this website.

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Nightmare in ANLC

What started as a beautiful dream, it has now turned into a nightmare! In June 2009, my husband and I participated in a telephone conference with a representative from Adoptions Network Law Center, who told us, among other things, the average waiting time for obtaining a match was between 6 and 9 months and their disruption rate was very low. We wanted an agency that would work expeditiously and ANLC seemed so promising. They were more expensive than other agencies but since they seemed to be so good we decided to go with them. We immediately signed a contract with the ANLC and paid a nonrefundable fee of $12,800. We went live on their websites in September 2009, and by the end of the month of September we had a match. ?ǣOur?ǥ baby was due in February 2010. We were so excited. Upon receiving the match, we paid the second installment of funds, $9,800 and started paying the monthly installments for the birth mother. During the next couple of months, I had to keep calling to make sure the birthmother got the support she needed. It was a very hard time as the birth mother kept calling me crying and I kept calling ANLC to get her some kind of help. ANLC told me they would give her counseling support after she gave birth and not to worry about it. I also had to call several times to make sure the birthmother got access to the funds I sent ANLC for her expenses. This was also frustrating but I remained positive. On November 15, 2009, a counselor from ANLC called me to inform me the birth mother had decided to keep her baby. Our counselor left the agency without telling us and I kept calling until several calls later someone told me she had left. In December, I got an email in error from ANLC congratulating us in our match and the upcoming birth of our baby. Kristin Yellin, the owner of the company, called me to apologize for this mishap. During our conversation, I remained very positive about the whole situation and we discussed several options to maximize our chances. I contacted her in January 2010 and indicated we would be open to a baby born situation and she indicated based on our disruption we would get priority. Nothing happened for many months. I tried contacting my Client Liaison for weeks to no avail. No one would tell me where my Client Liaison was until someone finally broke down and told me she had left the agency. Soon after, I got an email from a new Client Liaison. I called ANLC in August 2010, to inquire about what was happening. Ms. Yellin indicated that sometimes it takes longer for some couples and that the average was between 9 and 13 months. She also indicated our profile was being given priority because of our situation. We waited a few more months and approximately in December 2010, 13 months after our disruption, my husband called ANLC and asked them what we could do to improve our chances. They gave us many suggestions like increasing the stipend for the birth mother, expanding our racial preferences and exposure to different illnesses and drugs. We followed all their suggestions, we also changed the pictures and birthmother letters in our profile. I had to call so many times for weeks to make sure our new pictures and birthmother letters were posted. We also found out that for the baby born situation, we were only being considered for infants close to our home. My husband asked them to open us up for a baby born situation anywhere in the country. In February 2011, my husband also called to ask for us to be among the featured families and we were one of the featured families for the month of April. ANLC also prepared some videos for YouTube and ours was among the latest ones posted. By the time our YouTube video came on, there were couples who had close to 100 views. When I complained about why our profile had such few hits, I was told those other families were online for a while. Incredible! It was very frustrating to find out all these things and we were still be

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Heart broken 4x's

We have been with the company for over 2 years. In that time I have seen humanity at its worst. We have been given lines like "it just wasn't meant to be" or "You're baby is still out there, that is why this one did not go through" I know there are people out there that say anlc is good and they were able to get a successful adoption, but please look at the many that have not.
In our experience once you are matched they are done. We have had phone calls to them go unanswered. We have had our concerns ignored and our birthmothers have been treated poorly by this company. We have been matched 4 times, we are currently matched but there are red flags going up and no one at anlc is trying to help us. Of course the attorneys from both states are involved so if it does not go threw we will lose that money.
Money aside the worst part of this entire experience is what it has done to my family. They have been heartbroken for us. Our children have been let down so many times. We are actually at the point that we don't tell anyone that we are matched because it has always fallen through. We are tired of having everyone get excited for us just to be told that the birth mom changed her mind.
Please note that our birth moms have been very good with the exception of one who was trying to get the money and had no intention of allowing her child to be adopted. But when the birth moms are ignored by anlc and are unable to get their questions answered then they start to question if they are doing the right thing. In our experience they don't provide the support that these mothers need.
If you are reading this and are an adoptive couple please read all the comments and do your research before signing up with this company. If you are a birthmother please do not allow them to match you until YOU are completely sure this is what YOU want to do. You will break couples hearts wide open if you change your mind.

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We Love ANLC

Our experience with ANLC was nothing but positive. The only reason I am giving them 4 stars instead of 5 is because of how expensive they are.

However, there are ways to help. First, if you are willing to consider all races and genders, they cut thousands off of the cost. And, they are one of the only agencies I've seen that helps with financing. They will put you in contact with and walk you through the loan process, if this is one of the only ways you can finance your adoption. We had to do this, and then we used our tax credit to help pay off some of the expense.

ANLC was kind to us and our first mother. Our client liason was courteous and helpful. Every time we had a question, she was available to answer it, and if she didn't know, she found out. She kept in constant contact with us and our first mother. Any time anything happened that either we or our firstmom needed to know, she called immediately.

The marketing was fantastic! It shouldn't cost so much, but they do market families significantly on several websites, resumes, etc.

Our match happened quickly, and our caseworker quickly got us into contact with an attorney in the firstmom's neighborhood.

We were able to visit the firstmom and spend some time with her prior to the birth, and we've stayed in contact since. Our finalization went off without a hitch.

Every single aspect of our experience was wonderful. I realize if we were still waiting, or if we had a failed match, we'd probably be less enthusiastic... but honestly, everyone was so wonderful and made us aware of risk factors with our match, etc. that we were prepared for whatever happened.

Thanks ANLC! We love you!

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