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AIM adoption agency is the BEST!!!

Great agency! I have worked with them for years and when I placed for adoption they made it so simple and easy. They never tried to get me to do something I didn't want too! I love all the ladies that work there. It's one big happy family!

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Extremely Caring

Our family has worked with Alternatives in motion for 8 years and 4 adoptions. After going to several different orientations, we felt best about AIM. They were so very honest and wanted to educate the importance of open adoption. We have beautiful relationships with our children's birth mothers that want that relationship. They encourage that even if your child's birth mother does not want a relationship, to continue sending pictures and letters in case they change their mind down the line. I consider the agency a part of my family and love the level of compassion and care given to birth families. I have worked the birth mother Christmas party they hold each year and consider it a blessing to be able to serve these beautiful birth moms.

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a blessing to our family

Adoption is not a easy choice.... With that being said, whether you are a birth parent or an adoptive parent AIM provides services to assist you. AIM is a family and they have always been available when needed.

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We have huge respect for AIM Adoption Agency

My heart goes out to Phoenix rising. I am an adoptive parent of two wonderful children from the agency where (I think) she placed her baby. I too felt disconnected when the agency director died and we were folded into AIM. We just did not have a connection like we had with the original agency. I urge Phoenix to contact AIM again - I have found them to be very giving, loving and professional. All of the people I know there would care very much about your pain.

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Heed this warning...

Be very, very careful if you a young, vulnerable woman faced with an unplanned pregnancy. These agencies play on your vulnerability, tell you what you want to hear and coach the adopters to do the same. Be even more careful and mindful if potential adopters are promising you an "open adoption". 80 % of open adoptions close, at the adoptive parents whim.

I went through another agency, where upon AIM took over the records for them after they closed, when the owner died. When I called 7 years post placement, to inquire about my promised updates/ pictures, the woman who answered the phone coldly, rudely and dismissively told me that my child's adopters packed up, moved and left no forwarding contact information. This woman had no empathy or compassion for me and could have cared less that I was cut off from the only promised connection to my child. I knew then that I had been had. These people are completely different after you relinquish your rights. Make no mistake. You are of no use to them after they get what they want.

The experience of giving birth to my first born child was horrendous; as they were all there (agency workers and the social wrecker) after I had a c-section to coerce and manipulate me when I was still drugged on morphine. I signed papers forever separating me from my child while I was still drugged. I will, until the day I die, feel like it was all planned that way. My experience left me feeling nothing but dehumanized and exploited and I would not wish it on my worst enemy. This is a decision that will alter the course of your life and in a great many cases, not in the way that these agencies and their paying customers will brainwash you to believe. My life was nearly destroyed. Take heed to this warning.

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