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Bethany is AWFUL

We worked with Bethany in Georgia for 18 months for Foster adoption. It took them A YEAR to complete our home study. Then that adoption worker just left. We were then in limbo for 3 months bounced from one worker to another. Then they hired someone to take the previous worker's place & of course she didn't know us so obviously was not vested in us. Then she got pregnant & went on maternity leave. The whole experience was horrible. What an utter disappointment & such a frustrating experience. The adoption workers don't care about the families. It's no wonder there are so many children in foster care in this country. The system is in such disarray & the children are the victims. We have decided now to adopt international. For anyone considering adoption DO NOT CHOOSE THIS AGENCY. It will be the worst decision you will make.

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Bethany Christian Services

We are currently in our second international adoption through Bethany Christian Services. From beginning to end they have been very thorough and very ethical. They carefully examined each document to make sure there were no errors and things would go smoothly. They were very honest from the beginning about our adoption and travel fees. The education they required of us was excellent and extremely helpful. We chose to adopt a child with special needs. When we received our referral the baby's special needs were not things that are common in the adoption world. They never pressured us to accept the referral. They just gave us the facts, encouraged us to have doctors review her medical file, and then they gave us space to make our decision. While we waited to travel, the doctors who had reviewed our baby's medical file were making medical recommendation for the doctors in our daughter's country. Bethany was very good at passing that information on to our daughter's doctors in her country. Bethany was very good at giving us general updates, medical updates, photos and videos of our daughter in the time we were waiting to travel. When we traveled to our daughter's country, Bethany's staff in that country were just as thorough and professional as the staff in the US. They walked with us each step of the way. We never felt alone or unsafe while oversees. It was very obvious to us when we went to court with our daughter oversees that the Bethany staff was very respected in the court system. Bethany even hired a film crew to video tape the going-away ceremony at the orphanage so we could just enjoy our baby and not need to worry about our camera. We received a beautiful DVD of the ceremony before we left to come home. We were please with them during our first adoption and did not hesitate to use them again for this adoption.

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Birth Mothers are loved at our Bethany!!!

I am a birthmother and am disheartened to read about so many birth parents and adoptive parents having awful experiences with Bethany. I contacted the Washington State Bethany services in 2006 because I had become pregnant and wanted to place my child for adoption. The adoption counselor walked me through the process every step of the way - and I was completely in charge the whole time. They helped me design my birth plan; supported my choice of a doula; helped me look at myriad potential parent profiles and set up interviews; were there at the hospital; and immediately put me in touch with counselors and support services for post-relinquishment needs.

I cannot say how much of a blessing they have been, and continue to be. I am still in constant contact with my Bethany adoption counselor, and our local offices host regular events to which birth parents are invited. We are often told about new counseling or support services as well.

My heart aches for those who've experienced such terrible things. But I can say our local Bethany offices and staff have been terrific. In the years since my daughter was placed, we couldn't have asked for a more professional and caring adoption agency!

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So much for an Open Adoption

I would not recommend Bethany Christian Services to anyone unless they want a closed adoption. If you are looking for an open adoption, it is best to find another agency.

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You don't get what you ask for

Would not recommend. Made it very clear I wanted an open adoption and did not get one.

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Disrespected by Christians - their new slogan

I can not believe as a family that wanted to adopt an older child and wanted to make a difference to someone that needed us, in return we got put in a horrible situation with a total lack of respect and caring from Bethany Christian Plymouth MN office. We picked them cause I felt we would have Christian experience. Half truths, lack of disclosure and an inability to see us as a family unit with feelings, boundaries and deserving of respect was our experience. Do NOT work with this office. They have their own agenda. The sad thing was they aren't good liars so it was pretty apparent when we caught them not treating us with respect (ex: one social worker would disclose not knowing what the other said, found out from outside agency people - like dr office, etc). I pray that they take my feedback that I provided verbally and try and approach families differently!

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Recent birthmother experience

I recently placed my baby boy through an open adoption. I'm still working through all of the emotions and trying to process the new normal of my life. I worked with Bethany throughout my entire pregnancy. My pregnancy counselor became a friend to me. I never felt pressured to place my son. I always felt in control of every decision that was made and that was stressed to me time and time again- I was in control of choosing his family, how things would happen at the hospital, what the openness would look like, etc. After I had him, I began to second guess my decision and even majorly changed the plan that I had made. Through it all, Bethany was beside me supporting me in whatever decision I made. Since the placement, my pregnancy counselor has been in contact with me multiple times just to check on me and has even met with me to talk. My only complaint would be preparation for what life will be like after a placement has occurred. The entire process focuses on what will happen and how, but not how you will be afterwards. But I can honestly say I felt respected and loved by the Bethany staff.

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If I had a choice to go back and choose another adoption agency as a birth mother, I would still choose Bethany. I had a great, loving experience with both them as an agency, as well as with the adoptive family they helped me find. I feel SO secure in my choice of open adoption. I get to visit Ansley, and I get regular pics and updates as promised. Bethany helped me so much through a hard time in my life, and for that I am truly thankful. I am so sorry that some others seemed to have bad experiences; However, I hope and pray that potential birth mothers reading this will get some relief reading about my experience. My email address is This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if anyone would like to ask me questions about Bethany or adoption in general.

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Im a birth mother and just placed my baby......

with bethany christian services the adoptive parents are amazing and treat me like their family. the people at bethany always had my best at heart. the pregnancy counselor is amazing ive known her since my 6th week of pregnancy.i called her lost and confused and not really not knowing what i wanted to do. i knew i didnt want to abort the baby and knew i couldnt take care of him either. so i opted for adoption. all this negative stuff you guys are saying isnt true. you may have run into a bad segment of bethany. but the one where in live in little rock ar is amazing. they were there at 2am when i went into labor and stayed at the hospital through my c section and waited til i was out and made sure i was ok. i have nothing but high reviews for this place. they made me feel like family and like i wasnt just another number. the pregnancy counselor went far and beyond what she was supposed to do and helped me with alot during my pregnancy. things that you wouldnt think would matter but do. its the little things that count. she answered all my texts when i would text her. she was there when i first saw my baby at 8 weeks pregnant. i know i may get knocked for loving this place so much but if i were to restart my pregnancy right now and be just choosing an adoption agency i would go with them over and over and over again if i could.

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There is nothing Christian about these people.

Bethany Christian Services is a disgrace to the world of adoption.
When my Mom got pregnant with me in 1987, my grandparents went to them to place me in a Christian adoptive home.
They treated my mom like dirt. They promised her the moon; they said she would get yearly updates, photographs and information on how I was progressing with my new parents. They told her that when I was 18 she could contact me, and they would put her call through without hesitation.
They told her my new family wouldn't change my name after she had named me.
They said that she could stay with me for three days in the hospital after she had signed the papers.
After I was born, they immediately sent me to stay with my foster parents before the adoption.
My mom didn't get the three days with me she was promised. At least not immediately. She got two and a half days a little bit later on, and she got to go to my first doctor's appointment with me.. But after that? Nada!
I was legally adopted in the spring of 1988 and from that moment on, the strings were cut, and my mom was left with nothing but a broken heart.
Bethany sent her a 1 year progress update when I was a year old, and they never sent another update ever again.
They gave her a false name so that she couldn't find me after I was adopted,
and on my 18th birthday when she called the agency to find me, they told her that I had to give consent before she could contact me and that my consent would be given soon.
Meanwhile I knew nothing about this and was being told on a daily basis by my adoptive parents that my real mom didn't love me, didn't want me and was not looking for me at all because she didn't care.
I was "just a product of a one night stand with her millionth midnight squeeze" and I didn't "mean a fig to her".
This was drummed into my head every day of my life until I reached my 20s; and by then I was good and brainwashed. But I still wanted my Mom. I felt I was being lied to and I couldn't explain why.
Finally when I was 22 I'd had enough. I had no idea who I was, I was suicidal, struggling with an eating disorder and severe depression, and I knew nothing else about the world except for one thing; I WANTED MY MOM.
So I did some research, and quite by chance I found a website called IWASADOPTED.COM and THANK GOD for those wonderful people! I was able to put up a want ad for free with my information and a personal message. 2 months later my Mom found me and we've been happily reunited.
But Bethany Christian Services still left their mark.
My Mom and I have so much catching up to do, but all of it is marred with pain and agony and memories of what those monsters did to my Mom and to me during the "adoption process".
I told my best friend a few weeks ago the details of what happened, and what the agency did, working with my adoptive parents to keep me hidden from my Mom.
and her reaction basically summed it all up in one sentence. "OH my God, honey it's like they kidnapped you!!!!"
Yeah. They basically did. My mom was forced to sign those papers, and it was like she would be taken to the execution block if she didn't do exactly as she was told by the agency.
19 years old and terrified, she did as she was instructed.
Now 26 years later, the pain is still intense; the wounds are STILL bleeding and there's no solace in sight for us any time soon.
If you are an unwed mother thinking of adoption, whatever you do AVOID BCS like the plague!!!!
They will treat the adoptive parents like Gods, and you will be treated like dirt. And your baby will seen as nothing more than a dollar sign.
Please do not give your child up to these people. They will not only ruin you, but they will ruin your child as well.

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