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Amazing Team and Very Organized

If you are a single wanting to adopt, your dream can come true!

I adopted Two International Children through Caring Adoptions a little over two years apart as a single mom. I found their whole team very helpful and very thoughtful through out the whole process. My first adoption was very overwhelming, all the paperwork and all the checklists. Caring Adoptions staff were very helpful in keeping me organized and on pace to get the adoption done quickly so i could get to Russia to meet my son. I worked full time and a single mom, so having their support really helped me. Jody Vick was a dream as she was very thoughtful and helpful in our interactions and in helping me wiht the expectations on what was in store. Pat was always available and helpful in explaining each step and helping me stay focused on the end game. Brining home my son.
Two and half years later, i approached Caring Adoptions again to adopt my Daughter from Russia. Little did i know that every single piece of paper had to be redone. They were there every step of the way and I had absoltuely no problem with anyone in the agency during any of my interactions. THey are my Kids Guardian Angels who helped make my family. Highly Recommend.
If you are a single wanting to adopt, your dream can come true!

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Great Experience, I'm a happy mom!

My husband and I knew we wanted to be adoptive parents very early in our dating relationship. Even when adoption is a wish and not necessarily plan B for creating your family, finding the right adoption agency that fits your family can be tough.

From the first moment we walked into Caring Adoptions, we knew we'd found our adoption 'home'. Our journey wasn't an easy one and definitely didn't go as we'd imagined, but the incredible staff at Caring Adoptions was there to guide and support us the entire way. We will most likely not adopt again because we've always planned to only have one child, but if we decide to have more children, there isn't any other agency we'd even consider.

If you're beginning your journey and are still looking for the perfect agency fit for your family, we highly suggest attending one of Caring Adoption's 'Adoption 101' seminars and see the loving, supportive environment and family style approach they have to offer for yourself. You won't regret it.

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Incredible Experience!

We recently worked with Caring Adoptions, inc to facilitate our adoption of our twins. We had nothing but great experiences during the entire process. From the first day we met with the staff, we were reassured that all of the feelings we were having were perfectly normal. The staff walked us through the entire process and helped us every step of the way.

We especially appreciate the education programs that were offered to us by Caring Adoptions. In particular, their Adoption 101 class, walked us through the entire process and what we could expect, both good and potential pitfalls.

We want to send out a heartfelt THANK YOU to everyone at Caring Adoptions for their support and for helping us to grow our beautiful family.

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Those Who Care

We walked into the Adoption 101 meeting completely unaware of the struggles we would have throughout our journey.

This four star rating is NOT for the overall performance of Caring Adoptions as I do believe there are some areas in which communication is lacking. HOWEVER as we've continued to attend classes and meet the staff members the bad taste that was occasionally in our mouth does begin to dissipate.

The hardest part for us was the number of contacts we had. There is no booklet for who your liaison is and at what point they say goodbye and you move to the next. I really think there is a need for major improvement.

So why the four stars?

Three people- Pat, PJ, and Stephanie.

When I was frustrated and ready to walk away, Pat was there. She walked us through a disruption, eased us when communication lacked, and praised us for our strength. There is a reason she's on top... She is the companies rock and was most certainly ours.

When we finally found the perfect match, Stephanie was a ROCKSTAR facilitator. The # of people she visits in a week is crazy but when she talks to you, there is only you and your birth family. No one else is important during that time but your concerns. Our total rock during the process of being chosen and the 48 hour wait.

And last but most certainly not least, PJ. She says she has the fun job and she might be right. She gets all the babies and has a ROCKSTAR support group where other families talk about concerns, feelings, and what other issues worry them. When I have a question she is literally only a text away. She keeps us motivated, provides tips and most importantly gives us the support needed during the adjustment period.

The road was long and costly. I will not lie, the cost - especially unexpected ones DO HAPPEN. They are angering, frustrating and will piss you off something fierce. I do believe there should be a better understanding and patience when discussing payments and do think if they give you payment options at one point they should honor them later. However if we were wealthier I don't think it wouldn't bothered us so much.

I know this review is long but I feel everything I mentioned was of equal importance. No agency is perfect. Everyone has flaws. You've seen some of CA's and after all the negatives the positives still outweigh them. I wouldn't go through another agency because without them I wouldn't have my sweet baby girl. Here's to eventually going for baby #2!

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You deserve better than this agency!

Too bad we actually had to give them ONE star!

Where do I begin? Let?

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We were hooked with Caring adoptions through a facilitator and initially had a good experience. While we were there adopting our child, they were great to work with, plenty of support at the hospital, etc. It was when we got home and when we tried to finalize that we had problems and realized everything they had not done. We were a week from finalizing our adoption when we found out they had not yet terminated the birth father's rights, which would then take them another 3 months to do, which delayed us finalizing. They in turn tried to stick us with additional costs after we got home and refused to consent to the adoption with out us paying. Luckily, our attorney and judge allowed us to finalize without their consent. Pat Brigdes is a bitter and angry woman who can't keep her word and own up to her lack of responsibility when she had not done what should had been done months ago. Wouldn't adopt a dog from them.

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