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HOPSCOTCH ADOPTIONS, INC is a HAGUE accredited adoption agency with active programs in: ARMENIA, BULGARIA, GEORGIA, GUYANA, GHANA, MOROCCO, SERBIA and UKRAINE. Also assisting on a case by case basis KINSHIP from any country, PAKISTAN and BANGLADESH. We assist in the placement of children into nurturing, prepared and stable families from these countries. Hopscotch can assist any family in the US and ABROAD, US citizens and non US citizens, if the country of residence so permits. Hopscotch also provides HOMESTUDY SERVICES, education, post placement services for residents of NORTH CAROLINA and NEW YORK, or families residing abroad. Contact us today to begin your adoption journey! Hopscotch is a collaborative undertaking by experienced professional and volunteer child advocates. Each partner working with Hopscotch has been involved in orphan relief and adoptive placement of children; most are adoptive parents as well. Hopscotch represents their commitment to placing orphaned children from the Armenia, Bulgaria, Republic of Georgia, Ghana, Guyana, Morocco, Serbia and Ukraine with loving families in the U.S. and abroad.

An important part of that commitment is helping to prepare our client families to be great adoptive parents. We are equally passionate about providing direct humanitarian aid to the children who remain in orphanages.

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Don't Get Stuck with the WRONG Agency

As a single mom with 2 biological children I adopted my delightful infant son from Morocco, and we have been home for a few months now. This union, which continues to strengthen everyday, would not have formed without Robin, the in country partners and the whole Hopscotch Adoption team.

There are a few agencies that facilitate adoptions from Morocco, one that even offers being Islamically faith-based. So, families who chose to adopt from Morocco have options. After deciding to move forward, signing up with the right agency will be your next big decision. I highly recommend you partner with Hopscotch Adoptions because their experience, in country support, reputation, and sense of urgency, is what matters. Choosing any other agency will put you at risk as I witnessed with another family.

Signing with Hopscotch assured my success both pre and post adoption, I didn't realize it at the time how lucky I was when Googled pulled up Hopscotch. Another American family adopted alongside me, but did not sign with Hopscotch. I witnessed their struggles firsthand in Morocco. There was a huge contrast to our in country experience.

This contrast is specifically due to the in country support I received from Hopscotch partners, Adil and Sana I. I was given 24/7 support. Nothing could have given me more peace of mind being alone a foreign country.

The Hopscotch partner's English translation is excellent and they are well respected among the judges and orphanage staff who will ultimately execute the guardianship for your child. In contrast, the courts REFUSED to work with the other family's agency's translator, a reflection of their poor reputation in the courts.

Hopscotch in country partners are invested in ensuring you go home with your child. Their passion is evident. Adil attended my son's circumcision appointment and EVERY follow-up to ensure his safety and care. In contrast, I saw the other family left to fend for themselves without a translator putting their child's safety at risk.

I think the most significant piece was that I was taken through each step of the process professionally and efficiently, and with the needed emotional support. I was on time for every interview in country. In contrast, the other family MISSED their US consulate appointment because of the lack of planning and sense of urgency from their agency's in country partner.

These are just a few examples of how important this decision is. My message to families interested in adopting from Morocco is to strongly consider the trustworthiness and experience of Hopscotch Adoptions. While the unexpected should always be expected, you can be assured that both the US and in country Hopscotch partners will do their utmost best to ensure your success and safe return home with your baby

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Excellent Staff... our first adoption

Adoption is a long road. It is paved with unknowns, hills and valleys, and even some large bumps. The best thing you can ask for on your adoption journey is an experienced adoption agency - kind and compassionate navigators. The truth is, no one has all of the answers. Adoption is a process that governments have tried to streamline as much as possible by adding piles of paperwork and stringent regulations. But in all of this, there are still surprises, unknowns, hold ups, postal delays, setbacks and difficulties. We kept all of this in mind as we began our adoption!

Having realistic expectations is key. Realistic expectations = Phenomenal outcomes.

My husband and I called Hopscotch at least 10 times just to ask questions. From the timeline, to finances, to the process to the paperwork, everyone was patient and tried their best to answer ALL of our questions! The staff is caring. They love what they do. And it shows! Hopscotch completed our home study. Instead of it taking 3 months to complete, Sarah had it done in ONE! Our dossier was apostilled and out the door a short time later. We had great hopes of everything moving that quickly! But reality set in, and things slowed down in Armenia. Holidays came, government offices shut down. Waiting is hard! But Robin was always reassuring, checking the status of our file. Each time I emailed her, she would patiently explain what would probably happen next and what the possible timeline might look like. But the reality is, she doesn't know either! She can give a best guess, but it is still a foreign government. That is so important to remember!

Even with some small delays, we completed our adoption in about 13 months, start to finish. The in country team is AMAZING, knowledgeable and so kind. Everyone is efficient, easy to work with and so personable. We fell in love with the people of the country, the culture and the delicious food. We long to go back one day and share it with all of our children. We are thrilled with our new addition and we are so thankful that the Lord led us to adoption.

Robin, Megan, and Sarah are great people to work with. We have met them several times and we appreciate all of the hard work and long hours they invest in helping families find their forever children! Their hearts are obviously tender toward children and it was evident in all of our interactions with the staff! I am happy to recommend Hopscotch and have done so several times to friends considering adoption!

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Excellent Experience

I used Hopscotch Adoptions to adopt from Armenia. Their program is great and the in-country team is phenomenal.

There was a speed bump along the way but Robin notified me immediately and helped me through. I would recommend Hopscotch to anybody considering adoption from Armenia.

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Excellent Expat Adoption Experience

We just adopted our two year old daughter from Serbia, in a process that took exactly one year start to finish. We were so impressed with the level of care our daughter received in Serbia, and the amazing passion and true caring from Hopscotch to see kids in families. Despite being one of the first post Hague families, we felt that the process went very smoothly and efficiently. When we hit speedbumps because of our status as overseas missionaries, Hopscotch had answers, or ways to get answers. They made sure our dream would come true and our daughter is beyond our wildest dreams. We were especially happy with their dedication to children with special needs, seeing and believe that our daughter with Down Syndrome was perfect just the way she was, and absolutely adoptable. At times I felt like I would have liked more hand holding along the way, but when things really got stressful for our family due to some unforeseen issues with US immigration, they went above and beyond to help us figure it out. They also ensured our time in Serbia was delightful. Their followup has also been superb and I've been telling everyone I know to consider adopting from Serbia with Hopscotch! Most importantly, I can say with 100% certainty that every step of our process was above the board from an ethical perspective, and that was extremely important to our family, as it should be to any adoptive family.

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Our princess is home!

We absolutely love the Hopscotch Family. Robin is awesome! It has been a really long journey for us (5.5 years) but so worth it! The wait was nothing to do with Hopscotch but availability of little girls in Morocco. A few times we thought of giving up but Robin kept giving us hope and we are grateful for that. We just brought our little daughter home and she is an absolute sweetheart. I urge families to seriously consider Morocco as there are so many little, beautiful, healthy babies there waiting to find a loving home and I definitely recommend using Hopscotch to complete the process smoothly. The in-country team in Morocco is the best! Our overall experience of the entire journey from start to bringing our daughter home has been smooth sailing - thanks to Hopscotch and their entire team. We are now starting the post adoption process and we know that everything will go well and in a timely manner there too. My husband and I are seriously considering going back to Morocco through Hopscotch to bring home another precious little one.

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Great Serbian experience!

I have to say that Hopscotch did an amazing job with our Serbian adoption. We adopted twice before the country ratified Hague and we were worried about the changes Hague would bring. Robin and her team made everything go as smoothly as possible. They quickly answered questions and provided all the support we could have needed. The in country team is fantastic! They are very familiar with the Serbian process and made our stay very comfortable! We were so happy to be able to travel back to Serbia to bring home our little girl!

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Wonderful Adoption Process in Serbia

We have nothing but great things to say about the Serbian program. Robin and team were quick to respond to our many questions, and they truly have the best interest of the kids at heart. The in country team in Serbia are amazing- making sure we knew exactly what to expect, had everything we needed, and were advocating for us at every turn. The information we received was accurate, truthful, and ethical. We truly enjoyed our time in Serbia, and are so blessed to have adopted our Serbian son through Hopscotch.

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Amazing agency

The wonderful group at hopscotch cares so much about the waiting children and the families they are working with. Simply the best at what they do!

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Just Received My Court Order in Armenia

Re: the services and support from the [team in Armenia]. They are both knowledgeable, experienced professionals. They provided the perfect balance of emotional support and legal direction. At the end of the day, on that specific day, I’m there to appear in court. If I can’t get over that hurdle, I get no baby. And as a lawyer, walking into any court, I have to feel prepared. I felt that and felt confident with the direction and counsel of [the Armenian team]. There really is no other way to go through this process.
There really are plenty of unknowns when one first decides to start the adoption process. Even when you've read as much as you can, and spoke with as many people as possible, you still know very little, b/c your situation is unique and can be very different than what was discussed and what you come to expect.
When I first applied, I was expecting there to be a 1-2 year wait. After I applied, I learned the circumstances in Armenia had changed (lower birthrate and higher abortion rates), and the wait was longer, more like 3-4 years. I was matched in two and one half years.
I felt the US team kept me informed. Information was available each time I called. I was most impressed with the statistical data I received about Armenia adoptions in 2013. There were 50 babies adopted from Armenia that year, 28 came to the US and 19 of them through Hopscotch. At the orphanage, there are eight babies currently, of whom five are being placed by Hopscotch. I wasn't so interested in having someone hold my hand through this process, but pairing up with someone who could deliver. Hopscotch delivered!

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Wonderful Experience!

We are still in the process of adopting a little boy with special needs from Armenia, but we have had a wonderful experience so far with hopscotch. They truly care for each family and child and guide you through the process with as much help as you need. No question is too silly for them!
When they found out some heartbreaking news about our little boy, they called us and were so gentle about the whole situation. They helped and guided us through that as well. We truly appreciated it.
The in-country team was just as phenomenal, holding our hand through the entire visit. They were knowledgeable about each situation and truly cared for us and our child.

We have nothing but good things to say about hopscotch and would recommend them to anyone.

Lindsay & Justin

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