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Thank you, thank you, thank you


I am so glad I found this site. I always wanted the opportunity to publicly say thank you though thank you is not enough. I thought I would never be a parent and today I am because of two terrific birth parents and one amazing adoption agency. I do not reside in Western New York where the main office is, and it didn't matter, I received one-to-one service as if I was their most important client. I did have tears along the way as disappointments are bound to happen in adoption but never could I have imagined that an adoption agency would be so gentle and compassionate. Thank you to all the family advocates there as I think I have talked to all of them one time or another. Thank you to the founder Ms. Fried who saw the vision to create this agency.


Jacqueline is home!


you know i wasn't going to adopt. when my wife brought the topic up i was just one of those classic guys you see in the movies. i guess i just wanted my own kid, who looked like me. pretty funny since i am a goofy looking guy. anyway, it took just the first class at this awesome agency to make me realize i was not alone. it took just two classes for me to realize i really wanted to be a dad. it took just three classes for me to realize that i was scared and had a lot to learn. it took just four classes for me to realize we can do this. we were meant to go on this ride. by the last class i was sad the classes were over. my wife was a nervous wreck and called the agency a bit more than i think she should have but we both found patient and supportive staff at the other end. zack is this great person who answers the phone and seems always so happy to hear from you. anyway, just last month jacqueline came home. it took just one moment for me to fall in love with my new daughter. thank you adoption star for letting me be me and sharing my fears with you and for you not throwing me out the door. thank you for making my wife a mom and me a dad. if there is anything i can do to support another husband who is not sure what he is doing, don't hesitate to call on me.

Adoption STAR Rocks!


My husband and I live in Buffalo NY and there is no other agency locally or nationally we would recommend (and we did our homework.) We adopted in just shy of 11 months and couldn't be happier with our family, with our experiences adoption and with this agency.

Love this Agency


We had a wonderful experience at Adoption STAR and our wait time was longer than their average. I was surprised at some of the negative reviews especially as it had to do with communication of fees and placement times. They seemed the most transparent. They willingly give out their yearly statistics on placement and every piece of paper and telephone correspondence had fees included (we were given a breakdown of all fees with every profiling opportunity). There is ample education and the social workers seem invested in good outcomes for everyone involved for the child, birth parents and adoptive parents.

I was sad when I had to renew too and I took the time to go out and research other agencies and other possible options, we went back to STAR. In the midst of the wait it's hard to be positive about any agency. I think it's only after placement or placement with another agency/lawyer that an individual can come back to this question more objectively. I know I would write a different review in the midst of my wait then I would now and I know the one I wrote in the midst of my wait would not accurately reflect my review of an agency. It's something to keep in mind.

One of my favorite aspects of STAR is the post placement support. So many adoptions are open now but there isn't a lot of support to get this relationship started. Our son is one now and he's going to grow up knowing the agency that helped us adopt him.

Adoption STAR means the world to us


My husband and I always wanted to be parents. We found this agency years ago but began the fost-adopt process through another agency. We were placed with a beautiful baby boy only to have the experience of losing him a few months later as he was returned to his birth family.

Adoption STAR held our hands through the process of losing the child we thought was to be our son even before we became clients with them. They have the most incredible staff.

We ended up registering with them and our journey brought us to our baby boy who today is the light of our lives.

From the director of the agency to the clerical staff, this is the most compassionate agency around. Both my husband and I have co-workers who adopted through Adoption STAR as well and have only wonderful things to share.

Thank You Adoption STAR


I was not an easy client. I called constantly. Cried often. I truly think I was difficult. It didn't matter how crazy I was I was treated with unbelievable respect. I was challenged to truly believe and to get involved. From the person who frequently answered the phone to my family advocate, every staff member knew my name, made me feel special, made me feel I was not just a number, not just another client, but a real person who desperately wanted to be a mom.

I am a mom today because of Adoption STAR. I am a mom today because an amazing birth mother and birth father felt connected to our profile.

We are a family today because Adoption STAR provided our family and our son's birth family with the care and compassion we needed in order to find each other.

Thank you Adoption STAR.

We adopted our son almost 14


We adopted our son almost 14 months ago through Adoption Star and had a wonderful experience working with them. We brought our son home at 2 days old after being home study ready for 16 months. The agency was very honest with us when we signed on that our wait time would more than likely be longer than their average wait time due to both our child interest grid and my husband's age (mid 50's), however, compared to other agencies that I researched even 16 months is a relatively short time frame to adopt.

Like the previous reviewer indicated the agency has gone through some growing pains but has worked very hard to better itself.

We are very happy to be associated with Adoption Star!!!!

Used Adoption STAR Twice


Our family has adopted twice through Adoption STAR and were very pleased with both experiences. I think no agency is perfect. I think STAR went through some growing pains and for a time, service/follow-through lacked a bit. But with some minor changes and increased staff...things have greatly improved. And I still think they are far superior to most, if not all, other agencies I have had contact with. The education and support for both birth and adoptive families is wonderful. And the fees are reasonable. I also like the fact that the major placement fee is not collected until your child arrives. This allows you to explore other avenues at the same time, without tying up funds too much. Wait times are relatively short, compared to most agencies. We waited 4 months for our daughter and 7 months for our son.

Adoption STAR is the best


My friend Marina just told me about this website. She was also the person who referred us to Adoption STAR even before they adopted their son.

Choosing Adoption STAR was the best decision my partner and I ever made. We were treated with respect, and provided with honest information.

I understand that clients can be tough on agencies but Adoption STAR is very honest that they do not find babies for couples, but rather find families for babies. I know this can feel frustrating when you want to adopt and don't know when it will happen but truly by sticking with the process and by continuing to educate yourself, you will be successful.

We were blessed with a baby approximately 10 months after our home study was done. We had many possibilities before that but our daughter really was meant to be ours. Today we keep in touch with her birth mom and continue to keep in touch with the agency as they both became our extended family.

Thank you Marina for the best referral ever and thank you to Adoption STAR for their dedication.

Katherine W.

Awesome Agency!


We truly rate this agency as awesome. We adopted two children with Adoption STAR. One via the traditional agency track and one via the agency assisted private track.

Their educational philosophy and believe in providing support, training, advocacy and resources before and after adoption towers over other adoption agencies.

We would definitely work with them again and refer many people to them.

2 Star Adoptions


We were blessed to have adopted two wonderful boys through AdoptionSTAR. As we all know, the process can be a bit overwhelming, but with STAR, they made everything very easy and
were very thorough in every aspect of the procedure. After being
homestudy ready, we brought our first son home only a few months of waiting and then just brought our second son home last april (only a few months of waiting, also).
Star is affiliated with many other agencies, and therefore, in my opinion, has the opportunity to find many babies waiting to be adopted. We've had wonderful experiences with our adoption process, thanks to ADOPTION STAR!!!

So happy to have stumbled on this site...


My partner and I couldn't be happier. Wish I could post a photo of our daughter. Our dreams came true because of this organization. IMPRESSED is the word that comes to mind! Check out their awesome website:

Our happy result


I look at this site every now and then and just read the recent reviews on Adoption Star. I think it is really important to keep everything in perspective. We got our baby quickly and couldn't be happier. We were also fairly open as to what type of baby we would consider. We stay in touch with several people we started with and those who only wanted a baby of a certain race or without certain health risks waited longer and were less satified. I would think this would have to be the same at every agency. I agree with the poster who says you need to find references who asked for the exact type of child you are seeking to get a sense of the process for an individual, and this will help to have realisitic expectations going in. We had no issues with the staff but everyone has a different experience and those who wait over a year or two years probably had a different view than those that place in a month or two. I would tell anyone considering the agency to check as many references as possible and then you can compare the agency with others and see if it is right for you.

Didn't get the right vibe


Called to talk to a few agencies months ago and the folks here weren't as responsive as other agencies

Somewhat disappointed


We had a mixed experience with this agency. We were one of many families we knew who waited a very long time. The agency is rapidly growing, and adding new states and more and more adoptive parents. But it does not seem like there are enough children to keep pace with the growth. At the beginning, we thought the process would take a few months. Most of the others we started with expected the same. For many people, it takes years. The positive is that the staff is very nice and supportive. The negative is that unrealistic timeframes are given to adoptive parents, and people like us become frustrated. We also felt treated as though we were the only ones waiting a really long time, but many of us know one another so it is definately not the case. If you are considering the agency, talk to as many references as possible about the experience and waiting time and make sure they were looking for the same exact types of placements you were (from health to openess to any other criteria). Also, make a decision as to the type of child you are comfortable with and do not let an agency try to alter your criteria since a baby changes things forever.



I think it is very important that future clients talk with families working with Star now. The reputation of the agency is very good, but right now there are at least some of us who are not entirely happy (there are good and not so good things). The communication is not what I had expected, and the agency seems maybe more geared to building than caring for us. The people there are very nice though and I have faith all will work out in the end. Perhaps it is growing pains and at some point it will smooth out. I do not believe the personal side is what my friends experienced a few years ago. I can't compare to other agencies because I do not know from them.

Not very satisfied


Our experience with Adoption Star was not very positive. We did not feel they were honest in their communications with us, and we wound up being very disappointed with them. When we started out, we asked some questions but avoided what we thought of as tough questions because we wanted to start off with Adoption Star on the right foot. Looking back, adopting a child is such an important decision and most agencies charge a great deal of money so the tough questions should be asked.

Here are some things we should have done which would have helped us to find an appropriate agency for us quicker: (1) Contacted local attorneys and asked their opinion of the adoption agency. They all have clients who have good and bad experiences with nearby agencies, so this is a great way to find independent references; (2) Inquired about the average timetable for placement of children with the race/health/openness preferences we were seeking, since any other statistics are completely irrelevant. If the agency has a limited or nonexistent record of placing the type of child you are seeking in families in your location/demographic/age/size/makeup, find a different one; (3) Find out if the agency fees change if they do not place a child with you within a certain timeframe or if they have renewal fees. This is important because if you wind up waiting, not only do you have the emotional difficulty of waiting but the agency could penalize you for it by charging you more; and (4) Never let an agency make you feel bad about yourself as an adoptive parent. We didn't know this upfront, but we should have asked references about their thoughts on this at the beginning. If they are giving off negative energy, they are probably not the right agency for you.

We hope this is hopeful advice. We know firsthand how tense a process adoption can be, and educated decisions can only help the process.

A long wait


I will be brief because I don't want to upset anyone with my thoughts. I was almost relieved to see the last review on here. It is so important to be given real expectations, or you will feel miserable. My husband and I started with Adoption Star well over a year ago. We checked references and heard many great things. We are still waiting and it has been tough. We were told at the beginning the wait would average about 6 or 7 months, and it hasn't wound up like that. We were really happy the upfront fee is low, which they told us at the beginning made them unique and was a reason we chose them. But a number of the profiles we are offered are referrals to Star which cost thousands more than if Star found our child, and we were not told this at the beginning. If you can't afford the added costs, you get less profiles and wait longer so we have been forced into making choice we didn't expect at the beginning. Now, it seems as though the agency is growing, growing, growing. We keep getting updates about their new states and new operations and think we will only matter less. One of their nicest staff members left a while back and now the personal side isn't the same. We wish we had known all this sooner and chosen a different path. Maybe in the end we will look back and not feel so negative but right now we still wait and hope.