World Association for Children and Parents (WACAP)

World Association for Children and Parents (WACAP)

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Repeatedly Punished

Five years ago, we adopted our son through WACAP. I am just now finding this website or I would have left a review sooner. At first the agency is friendly. It wasn't until we were into the China program that we were continually belittled, trampled upon and insulted for spending 40 grand to adopt a child in need. I was literally told, "This adoption has nothing to do with you or your family." That same lady had no trouble accepting my money even though the adoption had nothing to do with me. We also paid 2 grand for a worthless translator who did NOT help me at all in China - even when I was surround by some Chinese well-wishers, my translator just stood to the side chatting with his friend. He then took me to some outrageously expensive place to eat and left me there by myself. He never asked what I wanted to do (on days we couldn't do anything adoption related) he would just take me to the super pricey places - since we hadn't spent enough money already. The agency also lied and lied and lied. Most of what we were told was not true. I could go on - just avoid these people if you want to be treated respectfully. That's all I can say to try and spare you from all the negative associations we now have with our son's adoption. It was NOT a pleasant experience.

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