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1221 Dotterer Road, Mill Hall PA 17751, US

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Agency staff seemed sincere

Agency staff seemed sincere in efforts to help, however their efforts fell short.
While they relayed information to us quickly when new details of our case were available, often times info was not available(agency used an adoption facilitator) during delays, and agency blamed this on facilitator and did little to get the info. themselves.
Agency provided us with outdated paperwork which was not always clearly labled, and we often had to re-do paperwork. We also wasted a lot of time and effort in obtaining other documentation because instructions by caseworker were unclear.
Fees were a fair price; however the fee schedule was outdated. Estimated fees originally listed by agency were approx. $12,000 less than what we actually spent. We were billed by agency for other fees that were never discussed, and never put in writing.
Emotional support by most staff was good during and after adoption; but the process was made more complicated & difficult to understand by the problems listed above.

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1) Agency tried to

1) Agency tried to bait-and-switch us.
2) Agency tried to increase fees halfway through the process.
3) No communication as to delays.
4) Our in-country lawyer (Guatemala) went on vacation for weeks at a time and missed dates for PGN. This set us back MONTHS.
5) Our lawyer was then kicked out of PGN.

What more to say... AVOID THIS AGENCY! When we finally went to pick up our child, past age 1, we had some very candid conversations with the other attorneys and coordinators, they all encouraged us to have legal charges brought against the agency after our adoption was final so that they would not be able to continue this practice. If the attornies in Guatemala feel this way, what does this say?

Please do yourself a favor, look somewhere else!!

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We used them

Run far and fast away from this agency! Jen is a one woman show! She is the owner/director/secretary everything! She is so sweet to talk to on the phone to get you to pick her agency then off come the gloves and it is a full battle once you sign the contract. We took the referral of a 1 month old baby girl. Come to find out she was 2 months old the birth date was wrong. Then we went through the ringer with Jen and her lawyer in Guatemala. If she wasn't asking for money they were. We keep getting bills for postage $20 here and $40 there. So then the lies started.....your child will be home in January, nope lets try March, nope how about June. The lies didn't stop there by any means. We would call or email to find out updates on the case and child. No answer or a big bunch of I don't knows would follow. From the 8 month mark to the day I brought my daughter home the agency kept saying that she went to the DR. and she is 24 lbs. haha that is so funny I took her to the Embassy appt. myself and she was only 21lbs. Medical reports are a thing that parents who are waiting for their child to come home wait for like it is oxygen. We NEVER got a medical we only got 3 sets of pics in a 15 month span. Yes you read that right it took us from start to finish 15 months to bring our daughter home. We ended up hiring Adoption Supervisors because our lawyer couldn't keep on top of our case. We got kicked out of PGN for stupid reasons that should have been caught by the lawyer. I knew we got out of PGN 3 days before the lawyer. I ended up calling them and telling them to go get our file. Jen basically just took our agency fee and we got sent out on our own. She doesn't even have anyone in country that will translate for you or go to an Embassy appointment. We had to hire a bell hop from the hotel to go with us. Our entire adoption costs are well over $35000. and we did all the work ourselves. If you are even thinking about using Jen or AFOD(a field of dreams) please contact me at shpnfrk830@aol.com I would be happy to go into details with you. Also just FYI Jen is linked to Mary Bonn.

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