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Also Disapointed

Like the privious post, we had very positive interactions with Tina when we initially contracted her services. We were working with LOL at about the same time in 2011.

We were somewhat limited in the race of the child we were looking for, but changed our minds within about a month. We called the agency and instructed them to look for any child of color, but the change never seemed to be implemented. When we called back later, they seemed to be surprised that we were looking for any child of color rather than just a Hispanic child.

Over time, communication with the agency decreased to a trickle of mass emails for special needs children. We did not receive monthly updates, we were never given numbers of potential birth mothers that were viewing our profile. When contacted to update and print new profiles, Tina gave us a list of corrections for our profile. Change the cover picture. Birth mother's never like that type of picture. Remove your email address from the profile. We were baffled that she had not made these suggestions before we submitted the final copies of the original profile and DBM letter. She had been sent copies to review.

While we were under contract, Tina appeared on the webpage for another agency-Missouri, I think. We were surprised, but the story we got was that it would allow her access to more children and would benefit us.

Later, she got us excited by a local baby. The birth mother wanted to place the baby outside of the state so that she would not encounter the baby or birth parents. We lived only 20 minutes away, but she not only showed our profile to the birth mother, but informed us, and encouraged us. Needless to say, the birthmother did not choose us. It seemed like an emotionally cruel thing to do when the birthmother had already stated a preference to not place her child locally.

Over time, we too recieved less and less communication with the agency. We would call and email and receive few responses, with little or no information other than be patient. They moved locations around that time.

As our contract with Tina was comining to an end, and we had seen no progress, we began to look elsewhere. We were not getting the support we expected, and were very dissapointed. We contracted another agency that did no have up-front fees, and was placing a lot of children. Their website listed every child placed and the dates so that you could see the placement rates.

When our contract expired, we did not hear a word from Tina or LOL. Nothing. In the meantime, we received a placement with the other agency. When I contacted Tina for a letter stating that she failed to place a child with us during the contracted period so that we could get our tax deduction for the failed adoption, she was offended that we asked for a letter. She claimed that she had NEVER failed to place a child, and carried people on the books even after their contracts expired. Now, if she never takes anyone off the books, she can never fail. You are just still waiting. If she places a baby with a person no longer under contract, that is really unfair to the people under contract, especially if the birth mother has not been shown every profile from every couple under contract. She acted like we were unreasonable for asking for the letter even though our contract had ended and we wanted to recoup some of the lost money through our tax return. She sent an insulting letter that we had to send along to the IRS as evidence of the failed adoption. It was very unprofessional.

When we informed Tina that we had recieved a placement from another agency, rather than congratulate us, she treated us rudely. Again, unprofessional.

I would never work with Tina again. I am sure, if she places a baby with you, you will be happy, but I would never go back to her or an agency she was associated with.

Luke Huggins

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No problems here

I usually don't comment on these pages, but seeing a bad review on an agency that I have never heard nor had a bad experience with prompts me to. I have know the owner Tina for 11 years. I have adopted two babies from her agency. She has become my friend through the years and I have turned to her many times for help on a variety of issues. Tina is a class act in this crazy adoption world and I do not hesitate to support her in any form. I have recommended her to three friends who have adopted thru her and they were also very satisfied. I just cannot imagine that she would not return calls or not give attention to a client. I would be happy to further discuss my experience with anyone who is considering A Labor of Love. I recommend them (and have) to anyone considering adoption.

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Good Experience

My husband and I adopted a baby girl thru Tina/ A Labor of Love 10 months ago. I still call Tina for advice and she is ALWAYS there for me. I can even guess how many hours I spent on the phone with Tina during the adoption process( most of the those hours past regular business hours). Our birthmom lived in California so Tina even came to the birth to support us and the birthmom on one late Saturday night. I would say that is Above the Call of Duty. ... I still call Tina for advice even now after the baby has been placed with us and Tina's job as a facilitator in our case is long over. Tina continues to make herself available to us for any support or advice when we need it.

I can uderstand how the "wait" to be matched feels like forever and the frustration starts to build because you want to be a parent and a parent NOW. I can say first hand thru conversations with our birthmom that the pictures in the profiles mean a thousand words. She went thru all the profiles she reviewed and showed us how she felt some peoples pictures looked "too out of current style" and that some pictures looked to "posed". These birthmom just have these profiles to make one of the most important choices of their life. So if it is suggested that you change your profile I would change it immediately. I can tell you our birthmom told us our profile was far from the most appealing as far as construction, but she really like how my husband and I appeared young looking for our age, where up to date in style and most important looked natural and appeared like we really liked being togeather. She stated that in some couples pictures the people looked uncomfortable posing togeather. So please if someone suggests changing your profile do so-its all the birthmoms have!
I would recommend A Labor of Love to a friend who was interested in adoption. She is dedicated to get her adoptive parents matched and will support you much more thaa a BIG agency would. I could not see a large agency spending their personal time on the phone with you, or at coming to the hospital at 11pm on a Saturday night for the birth of your child.

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NOTHING bad to say

As an adoptive mom of a soon to be 4 year old boy, I can't be more pleased with or grateful to Tina Tyra and her staff at A Labor of Love Adoptions for helping to facilitate the greatest joy of our lives --- the addtion of a precious son to our family. When we first started on the long road to adoption (after surviving the long road of infertility), I was navigating untread waters, and it was daunting - even for me - who tackles every challenge head on. Initially we worked with an agency in Florida who suddenly went out of business, leaving many high and dry, childless, as well as financially out of luck. I quickly learned that this is not uncommon.
At that point, I wasn't sure we could endure this type of devastation while trying to build a family through adoption. I didn't know where to turn. I prayed, did some research through a local Christian adoption attorney, and that's when I found Tina and A Labor of Love. I knew instantly that I could trust and count on her. We connected because Tina is sincere and, as the previous post says, "knows her stuff". She sure does. Tina led us every step of the way, encouraging us, explaining to us when things didn't go as quickly as we would have liked, and ultimately placing a precious baby with us. I was NEVER bombarded with (or even received any) solicitations of hard to place children. My contract didn't expire (I didn't think that was possible). Tina kept in touch, and she NEVER refused to talk to me, in fact tirelessly spending a great deal of time helping me to understand how adoption works, what the process is, and why "in God's good time the right child would find us". How could she have known that? I don't know, but I can say beyond a shadow of a doubt that she was right. Our child is a perfect match, and God's timing (and Tina's) was (is) also perfect.
Tina was more than an adoptive agent. She does a great job at that -- but she has also become a mentor as well as a friend. Was the process completely smooth? No, of course there were times, as I would suspect happens with all anxious awaiting parents, that I would have liked things to have gone more quickly. But during those times, I would talk with Tina and immediately feel comfort in her reassurance that she was doing her part, and we had to do our part as well, even if that included waiting (of course it's the hardest part, but it's well worth it, and requires faith and trust).

Tina is one of the busiest people I know. Yet, it always amazed me (and still does) that she finds time (not sure how) to talk with, hand hold, comfort, reassure, and provide advice for even the most mundane concerns (and something tells me I'm not the first person she's done this with -- she does it over and over -- probably feels like a broken record -- but she does it, and she does it well, as it's her "Labor of Love".)
After many attempts to get my profile "just right", Tina intervened and helped me with it. I was amazed that she took time on a weekend (she always works on weekends) and really dug in and helped to improve our profile -- making great suggestions which we took. I always try not to judge a person unless I've walked in their shoes, which is difficult. I haven't done what Tina does, but I too am a very busy person who is often on overload with life's many demands. It's easy to say I don't have time. But Tina always finds time and is sincerely helpful and radiates her passion -- which is helping to build families through adoption. Tina also has her own family -- 3 kids and several "furry" children -- but she includes the rest of us among her extended family that she embraces in love.

It saddens me to see someone write such a negative review, especially anonymously. I agree with Tina's post in response --- if you have an issue with the agency, go to them first and try to work it out. Tina is always willing and available to talk.

I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Tina and A Labor of Love to any

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The Right Place

I can not say enough wonderful things about A Labor of Love Adoptions. From the very first contact with Tina Tyra and her staff, my husband and I felt like we had found the right adoption facilitator to sign with. We had researched other avenues, including the "big name law network," and other well known full service agencies. None of the representatives from those places put our minds as ease with the adoption process as Tina did.

Tina was available whenever we had a question or wanted an update. Updates were provided on a monthly basis and exposure to potential birth parents was consistant. We definitely felt like our advertising fee was being put to good use. Tina provides excellent advice and she knows her stuff! She was open about changes that needed to be made to our profile, and we trusted her opinion. Thanks to her expertise, we now are parents to a beautiful baby girl.

If we choose to adopt again, I wouldn't hesitate to sign up with A Labor of Love Adoptions.

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Disappointing, uncommunicative - recommend not using them

We entered our contract with A Labor of Love with great hope. References were good, and conversations with Tina and other employees were initially helpful. But after we signed, communications and help dwindled steadily as time went on. We got little advice, even after a year, when they had initially said we'd revise our profile; instead, that advice was limited to "more pictures!" and nothing of any substance. We also got fewer and fewer direct emails, though we continued to receive mass mailings for the hard-to-place children.

We heard that at some point they'd decided to launch a new agency, somewhere in Pennsylvania. We can only assume that this took a great deal of time from the (presumably) already busy founder of A Labor of Love, Tina. Perhaps it was too many simultaneous businesses (she also has an agency in Missouri, and the core facilitation service in California).

We also started hearing less and less from others at the agency, including our direct "handler," who was in Pennsylvania. Our emails were met with very terse responses, and not much useful information. We simply were not chosen - assuming we had been presented at all - and we never knew why. We asked why, and "more pictures!" was the response. But after adhering to their initial rules on the profile, we were at that point not in a position to revise it without some concrete guidance. That guidance was not forthcoming.

When our contract expired, we heard not a peep from them. Nothing. Nothing about renewing, or about us being carried on the books, or anything else.

I can't recommend A Labor of Love. At one point they may have been a helpful agency, but to us, they were utterly useless, and cost us a great deal of precious time trying to build a family. I'm sorry we chose them.

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