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Beware of Spence-Chapin Adoption Service

Spence-Chapin is an accredited, nonprofit agency that has been offering quality adoption services for 100 years.

They have had our Black Children placed in single homes that were filled with severe and profound abuse. Now the children are successful failures.

Our mission is to find adoptive homes for children in need here and in countries around the world. We are delighted to introduce you to Spence-Chapin through our website.

You'll never hear anything bad about Spence-Chapin because the children whose lives were destroyed by them have not the capacity to complain or do anything about it.

Spence-Chapin is a strong and influencial organization. They had the F.B.I. come to my home with guns and they had me arrested and thrown in jail.

Spence-Chapin does not wish to talk about or correct the worst child adoption case in America, but real children suffered greatly and our lives were lost.

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We used them for our

We used them for our adoption and even with a few stumbles
along the way. i.e. 2 failed adoptions they were very, very caring
and supportive. If/When we adopt we will be using them. When you
are going through such an emotional time you need to be with
a staff that cares about you and the birth parents.

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