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Adoption Advantage Surrendered License to State of AR

On March 24, the owner, Ed Webb, after strong recommendation of the Arkansas licensing board, surrendered his license. If he would not have surrendered his license, they would have revoked it. He was to turn over his files to the state. So, if you are a signed client of this agency and had not heard about this, I would suggest contacting the AR DCFS. Lisa Ferrell conducted the investigation and helped conduct the hearing... here is her contact information.
Lisa C. Ferrell
Assistant Director
Division of Children and Family Services
Office of Service Quality
Department of Human Services
700 Main Street
P.O. Box 1437, Slot S-570
Little Rock, AR 72203-1437
(501) 682-8544

Additionally, I just read on on the Little Rock forum under Adoption Advantage ( that Ed Webb tried to hire someone to build a new website and to market for him claiming that a former empoyee/relative had stolen client info and he had to "start over from scratch".

Also, his soon-to-be ex-wife, Donna Gail Webb, is running an agency called All For You Adoptions in TN. She just happened to incorporate the same day that Ed surrendered his license. Website: Phone: (877)7546207

So beware!

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Trouble Also

My husband and I signed our contract with AA on November 1, 2007 and everything pretty much went south from there. Before we decided to sign with them, the hounded us almost daily. They get our money (we paid all fees up front) and it was like pulling teeth to get someone to reply to our concerns. I live in AR, so I have paid several unannouced visits to their agency. The most recent visit was to retrieve my portfolio that I had been trying to get back for almost 10 months. It couldn't be located. Jacklyn was the only person there, from what I could tell. I've sent countless numbers of emails and placed countless numbers of calls both of which are never returned. I strongly urge anyone who has issues and concerns with AA to contact Lisa Ferrell. She can provide you with a lot of helpful information and instruction. I am so sorry for all of the adoptive parents who have been burned by this agency.

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Oh My...New Agency

The new agency that Donna Gail Webb has started in TN is called All For You Adoptions. It is located in Memphis, TN. She has a website, but curiously, her name is nowhere on there. Probably because of her reputation....

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Our visit to Adoption Advantage

My husband and I are signed with Adoption Advantage, and we chose to personally visit the Agency to see for ourselves the condition of the institution that we had placed our finances and trust in. Blogs and reviews can be so negative and critical, that we wanted to put an end to the questions in our minds. Our visit was a wonderful experience that has changed our lives. While we were there we saw first hand the office operation and met the staff as well as Mr. Ed Webb. I realize that every experience is not easy and some may be unpleasant. This is not our first adoption, and every adoption has its difficult moments. Our first adoption was with a different agency, but still difficult to say the least. No matter who you choose to work with for the placement of your baby, there is an emotional roller coaster that every family experiences, and we should all be aware of the risks involved and associated with adoptions. There are a number of things that could happen that could disrupt or even end the adoption process with a certain birth mother that are completely out of the control of the Agency. As I read some of the negative information, I really feel like some may need to be better educated about the process they are involved in. This Agency has placed hundreds of babies since its origin and that is a huge accomplishment. Just imagine how many precious live they have saved. This is not speculation, there are proven records and families that now have children because of this team in Arkansas. We are proudly apart of the waiting families at Adoption Advantage and we know that in time our family will receive a new addition. I encourage everyone to please pray for this company. Do not believe everything you read, search it out for yourself. Once you do, you will understand why it may be the next day before they return your call, they are doing a huge work. Many times they are saving "innocent blood" and that is the big picture! They are talking to birth mothers who are at a very difficult time in their lives with very difficult decisions. Adoption Advantage helps them to choose life for their baby. We all want our babies, our dreams of a family to come true, and I have full confidence in Mr. Webb and his team to safely walk us through this process. I would glady refer this Agency to my friends and family. I believe in what they stand for and what they are doing.

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The other agency in Memphis

i just hapen to know that the new agency was started by donnagail webb in Memphis and it is called All For You adoptions. they really are getting divorced and i think donnagail is going by her maiden name now. I happened across this information when i was calling different agencies and recognized her voice. I hope this helps and I'm sorry for your loss.

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To Strawbabies and anyone else reading this!

I'm very happy for you that you have the children you have hoped for with the help of AA. However, I have to take exception with several of your comments:

"The purpose of this site is to be a support to adoptive parents"
--WRONG. The purpose of this site is to RATE and REVIEW adoption agencies and adoptions lawyers, according to personal experience.

"Let's just keep on writing these things about Adoption Advantage and send them to the state and put them out of business and then all of the parents who are waiting on their list will lose."
-- This is probably the only thing you said that made sense to me. Yes, LETS KEEP ON WRITING THESE THINGS AND PUT THEM OUT OF BUSINESS! I will, of course, feel really bad for the people who will have lost thier money (myself included!) but it will also SAVE not only future adoptive parents from being scammed, but also save the PRECIOUS BIRTH MOTHERS who can't even receive a simple phone call after their placements! I think these people should be STOPPED - YESTERDAY!

"I am sure the agency will be able to prove that all that is being said is not true "
-- Do you really believe that ALL that is being said is not true? Is EVERYBODY lying? I'm certainly not. And you're so quick to dismiss everything that those of us with bad experiences are saying because they wont provide "proof" to you, but I challenge YOU for "PROOF" that all of us LIARS!

"The people who are posting these things have yet to produce any proof that what they are saying is true. Therefore it is slander"
-- WRONG AGAIN. It is not SLANDER to share your PERSONAL EXPERIENCE! It's not SLANDER because we decline to provide YOU with PROOF! "Proof" and "Slander" are legal terms in this instance, and they WILL be worked out in a court of law.

"You are only hearing the story from bitter angry people."
-- You bet we are angry and bitter! You would be too if your experience had been like ours. Don't get me wrong, I'm very happy for you that you have been able to have the family you dreamed of, but that does not mean that those of us who have been wronged don't have the right the be angry about it!

"If you want the real story-I encourage you to call the agency and talk to any of their staff."
-- I WOULD LOVE TO DO THIS!! If you're in contact with them, would you PLEASE PLEASE ask them to call me! Maybe they return the calls of their defenders, but they obviously don't care about those of us who have already paid their fees and have questions or concerns about our investment. Call the agency and talk to any of thier staff... yeah, good luck with that!

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Oh my!

It is the wife from what I've been told. It will be really interesting to see what goes down with all of this. I'm happy for the people who used them when they were a good agency but I wish they would realize that things have changed.........drastically! I don't know the new agencies name but I search from time to time to see if I can figure it out! It makes me sick to think that this madness might continue!

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I wish we could give this agency a negative rating! My husband and I were contacted out of the blue by this agency and were asked to immediately send over $30,000 by wire in order to adopt a precious baby boy that had supposedly just been born in another state, because the mother didn't want him. They were so nice, and gave us all this information over the phone (we received nothing in writing except the contract) about how the mother was leaving the hospital without the baby and that she didnt care what happened to him or what kind of family adopted him. "Jackie" told us that we were contacted because this was an "emergency situation" and that there were no couples on their list that wanted this bi-racial baby boy. (Looking back now that sounds SO suspicious, and especially after reading posts here from people who have been waiting for a babt years. Didn't ANY of these couple want this baby? Were they even OFFERED this situation?) Anyway, when we got off the phone we were so overjoyed that our baby was actually coming home! We wired the money and travelled over 1000 miles to the hospital. When we got there we got the shock of our lives. We were informed that not only was there no baby waiting for us, but that the "supposed" birthmother (we were only given her first name) had not signed any contracts or made ANY contact with Adoption Advantage except to call and request INFORMATION about adoption. By the time we got there, mother and baby were both gone and the hospital social worker was flabergasted that an agency would purport that this was a viable adoption situation. The people at the hospital treated us better than the agency has, at least they showed us concern and empathy. AA has not called, emailed, returned our phone calls or email, or attempted to contact us in any way concerning our situation or our $30,000! I have since been doing some digging and found out that not only are they in trouble with their local licensing board (in Arkansas) but that they owe money all over the country and are being sued by MULTIPLE parties that have gone through similiar situations. How could they be so callous and cruel to those of us who just want a precious baby to call our own? Why dont they answer the phone or return emails? What's REALLY going on with this company when they are taking in tens of thousands of dollars and not paying their bills? PLEASE PLEASE dont fall for the same "SCAM" that has broken our hearts! If you are contacted by this agency, our advice is the same as the earlier poster's, "RUN THE OTHER WAY!"

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Adoption Advantage address change

Adoption Advantage
4906 S. Katillus Rd
Little Rock, AR 72223
Main Phone Number: 501-246-8068
Toll Free Fax: 877-838-6840
Toll Free Phone Number 877-281-9980 (when dialed get a recording saying it is not a working number)

FYI... In recent communication sent from the agency, Adoption Advantage has moved. Above is their new address. They have also communicated that they have new phone numbers 'to take advantage of advanced IP phone solution technologies to include employee voice mailboxes and strategic dialing sequences to connect you to the person best suited to assist your specific need.' See comments above regarding the listed new 877 phone number vs. directing to employee voice mailboxes.

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Adoption Advantage

2 1/2 years ago we adopted our daughter. We used Adoption Advantage. We only waited 4 months so a year later when we decided we wanted to adopt another child, we decided to sign again with Adoption Advantage. At that time we probably would have given a higher rating. Now, 18 months later, we are still waiting. We have been provided minimal detailed updates during this time and received them only when we pushed hard enough for information. In recent form letters to adoptive parents signed with them, Adoption Advantage has requested communication mainly through e-mail. However, we get limited, if any responses. We have sent numerous e-mails and left voice mails at the main number and also with cell phone numbers that have been provided to us by staff. Have any other signed adoptive parents been having difficulty getting information from Adoption Advantage? Or difficulty receiving any type of communication outside of their sporadic form e-mails? Any feedback would be appreciated

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