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Adoption Centre of Kansas

We had a horrible experience with Adoption Centre of Kansas in Wichita, KS. On 11/2013 we sent the application along with our completed home study to Adoption Centre of Kansas. From the very beginning there was a communication issue. I had to call several times to make sure they had received everything because they did not return my emails. My husband and I were then told to call monthly to receive an update on our file. We called the first 2 months per protocol. Everything changed when we got an email about a possible situation 1/23. The birth mother was due February 10 and the email said they knew the baby was Caucasian/Hispanic, but they had no other details at that time. They listed the estimated fees if the birth father contested as well as the agency fees. We needed to let the agency know by 1/27 if we wanted to be shown. Because we knew nothing about the birth parents and she was due so soon, my husband and I emailed the agency 1/26 saying we were not interested. We were shocked when we received a phone call 1/30 saying the birth mother had picked our profile. The social worker told me they were college students and that the BM had been adopted herself. The couple was no longer together and the mother was interested in adoption. Besides the fact that the BF could contest the adoption, there were no other red flags to me. It sounded like a great situation. We decided that although we should have never been shown, that it was meant to be and signed the paperwork to complete the match 1/31. We sent the BM an email on 2/1 to get to know her better and she emailed us back a power point. She then asked us to be at her last appointment, which was 2/5 (we were told 2/10 was the due date, but it was 2/5). We drove to have lunch with her 2/5 because she had mentioned we should just meet at the agency after her appointment. Everything went great at lunch and the conversation was natural. Her doctor scheduled her induction date for Monday, 2/10. After lunch we drove home. On the morning of 2/7 we received the phone call that she had the baby at 3 AM. My sister came over to watch our son and we headed to Wichita. As soon as we got there, we were told that the father had gotten a lawyer to contest the adoption that morning. We were told to leave the hospital and meet with the agency director, a lawyer. After waiting what seemed to feel like a hour, he met with us telling us that our chances of winning were 60/40. We decided if the BM wanted us to be the adoptive parents, we would fight for the baby. We met the baby later that night and the BM reassured us that she had made her decision, she wanted us to adopt. We were then told to come back the next day at 11 AM. We held the baby all day talking to the BM, her father, and the social worker. We decided that we could not leave the hospital with the baby because we didn't want ourselves/our son to get attached to the baby before we went to trial. The agency's social worker was to have custody of the baby until trial. That night we drove back home baby less and emotionally drained. The following week we petitioned the court (2/10) and scheduled the depositions for 2/18. Our lawyer also recommended we get the BM a lawyer, which we did. Toward the end of the week we started to get uneasy; we were calling the lawyer and texting with the social worker and not receiving much information. She did send us some pictures, but something was off. The social worker recommended us write a letter to the BM showing our commitment, and that she would give her the letter 2/17. We would have loved to contact her, but the BM did not seem to be checking the email address we were given. On 2/17 we received a phone call from the lawyer saying that she had decided to parent. We were very upset and had some questions for the agency: 1) why didn't the BM sign away her rights at the hospital (the agency had instructed her not to) 2) why were we not told the BM was wavering

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