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Does anyone know if Adoption House is still operating?

This wacko let a 70 year old crazy woman adopt 2 kids from the Ukraine in 2005. She has abused them for the last 5 years. This week she sent the girl to the Ranch for Kids in Montana. It is a home for unwanted adopted kids. This child was wanted by two families......... The local family services agency believed her and not the child.

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An Emotional Roller Coaster

When we first began the home study process, we were anxious but after meeting our home study social worker (it's my understanding that she recently left the agency) we were set at ease. After we completed the study, it was a horrible mess. We were charged outrageous fees without proper explanation after our child was placed with us. Additionally, we felt threatened by nasty letters from the agency basically stating that if we did not pay the Adoption House fees our child would be removed from our care (by the way, we paid the bill in full!). Our finalization process was delayed due to someone at the agency dropping the ball and not completing our post placement reports in a timely fashion. The agency just failed to follow through which costed our family emotional and financial stress. Not to mention, in recent times, we have met countless "supervisors" in a matter of months which makes it very difficult to reach someone to answer our questions. STAY AWAY FROM THIS AGENCY if you wish to avoid the agony we endured through the adoption process.

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We love our daughter, but wouldn't use again.

We liked the social worker who came to our home to answer questions before we signed up. Unfortunately she quit soon after that, but not for agency reasons I believe. We had a reasonable home study experience and were offered several scenarios right away. We chose one in NJ and it all worked out well in the end. Before that, they tried to close in PA, but we gave the birth mom 2 weeks pay so she could take time off to recover (seemed reasonable, but don't know if she got it). Well in PA you can not pay the mother anything at all, so the closing attorney flagged it and just in the nick of time we switched to NJ to finalize. This being at the very last possible minute according to NJ law meant lots of overnighting of documents and the repeated disturbance of the birth mom - single mother of 4 who wanted her adoption unknown. It all added up to extra stress and quite a bit of extra money. Like twice as much as we expected. I think they mean well, but are disorganized and struggling financially.

All that said, we got the child we were meant to have and wouldn't trade the experience for anything.

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Can you say Emotional Blackmail?

We used Adoption House a couple of years ago and would not recommend them to anyone because of the money-grubbing ways of the head of the organization. If it wasn't for the our social worker (who has since left the this agency), we would never had chosen and stayed with this outfit.

To put it simply, we were charged an additional $8K for charges that were never explained. When we insisted on an explanation on the day we were to sign the paper to take our daughter home, we were confronted with the director who asked us whether we wanted to take our daughter home that day if we didn't want to pay the fee. And all I was asking for was a clear explanation for the the additional $8K that was added to our tab.

Greedy. Stay away.

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Terrible Experience

We worked with the Wilmington, DE branch of Adoption House. We began working with this adoption agency in November 2006. This agency charges $3000.00 a quarter for "advertising fees". We were told by the head of the agency that since we paid these advertising fees they were able to attract more birth mothers which meant our profile went out to more people. The head of the agency also told us the shortest amount of time their agency had ever had for a couple to be matched with a baby was 7 months and the longest was 11 months. Since then I have learned of couples who have been working with them and paying that 3000 quarterly payment for a number of years.

The domestic adoption coordinator was supposed to send out monthly updates telling us how many time our profile went out. The updates were sporadic. PLUS in the 2 years we worked with this agency our profile went out only to 9 people. We had stated we were interested in a caucasion or biracial child and a semi open adoption. We set no other limitations.

We were selected by an expectant mother who turned out to be a scam. The birth mother counselor used a cell phone for communication and one day when I called her the expectant mother who had selected us ANSWERED the phone. Another time she called us WITH the expectant mother present and asked us if we would buy her a bus ticket for Christmas. We said yes, but she asked us in front of the birth mother which left us feeling like we couldn't say no. The birth mother counselor would make blase comments about buying things for the expectant mother and joke about us footing the bill. I testified against this birth mother at a grand jury trial (she had 4 babies and scammed all of them). She is now going to jail.

We never worked with a fertility clinic and went straight to adoption. After our terrible experience we decided to try working with a fertility clinic so I contacted the agency and asked for our homestudy update (by this point we were in year 2) and our profile. We had paid for them both! It turned out the homestudy update had NEVER been completed and the social worker didn't work there any longer. I had to FIGHT for our homestudy. I demanded a notarized and signed copy which they eventually gave me. I also had to provide the paper trail that showed my correspondence with social worker who had "completed" our home study update.

Our profile? It had another couples name on the cover so again I had to FIGHT for a corrected copy. They tried to charge me 265.00 for their error. Obviously we did not pay.

How could we fall through the cracks so many times? How could they lose our home study? How could they not realize the wrong names were on the cover sheet of our profile? How could they not have any paperwork documenting this?

I DO NOT recommend this agency. IT IS NOT GOOD VALUE FOR YOUR MONEY! If I could black ball them I would. I hope this stops others from using this agency. Are they doing anything illegal? No, but I don't know that they are ethical.

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