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Second time was a breeze

We've adopted twice from Georgia with about three years between our experiences. For our first adoption, we were the classic case of "anything that could go wrong, did." After two trips of a month each, with a heart-breaking six month wait, we were able to bring our daughter home. When it was time for us to find our son, only two agencies were working in Georgia.

After meeting with Kathy and Irina, we signed up. We have appreciated their individualized attention to our family and their flexibility with us. We took our daughter back to Georgia this spring when we adopted our son. We planned on being there a month (with our previous experience, we were sure something would go wrong!) Absolutely nothing went wrong! What a fantastic experience for our family. Our son has some medical isssues but it is not as bad as his initial medical report and he has successful undergone his first round of surgery.

Even after being home for six months now, Kathy and Irina are anxious to hear how he is doing and we consider them part of our extended family. Thanks to them, we have completed our family with just the right little boy!

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Would Always Recommend

My husband and I adopted our two beautiful daughters through ADORE almost four years ago. Kathy and Irina are absolutely the most wonderful facilitators you would ever want to know. Kathy and Irina unite families, and that's exactly what they did for us. We had a referral for a baby girl, then we found out about our six year old girl as well. Kathy and Irina never hesitated to help us through the entire process and we'll be forever grateful to them for uniting our family. Our girls had some developmental delays, as expected, but are thriving and beautiful at ages 9 and 4!!!
We cannot say enough wonderful things about the people in Georgia as well. They were there for us (as Kathy and Irina were even across the world) 24/7 and never hesitated to answer any question or provide for our needs. The care that our girls received and that we received as well while we were in Georgia was exemplary and we would never hesitate to adopt through ADORE again. Please do not hesitate to call on Kathy and Irina. They will be more than happy to talk with you about the possibilities and the miracles of adoption.

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ADORE is run by two wonderful women!!


Our experience with ADORE was very GOOD!!! Our child is the love of our entire family and is extemely healthy and beautiful. All our expectations were met and more. Our child became a part of our family immediately.

Good food, a stable enviroment and a lot of love is all many of these orphaned children need to thrive and blossom. Adopting a child from an orphanage can seem risky, but not with the ADORE team! All our questions were answered quickly and honestly. Our child has grown and blossomed to become a very strong, healthy and intellegent child.

Kathy and Irina are true unsung heroes. Being adoptive moms themselves, they started ARDORE as a way of giving back and helping the children they had to leave behind. They take a very personal interest in each and every child they adopt and make sure they find the ?ǣjust right?ǥ family. Kathy and Irina find the "just right" family for many children that other agencies would not even attempt to adopt.

The team in Georgia is used by both agencies [ADORE and Hopscotch] and we found all of them to be very warm, helpful, extremely professional and pleasant to be with during our stay in country. ADORE answered all our questions and more than met all our expectations.

I would recommend ADORE to anyone looking for a warm and caring ?ǣpersonal hand?ǥ in your adoption. I have recommended ADORE to several new adoptive parents who are also very pleased. We are grateful to have found them and been able to use ADORE as our agency. Just call them!!!

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would never recommend

Everything was fine until I was in-country, Georgia, and doubted their medical review of the little boy I was to adopt. I was treated rudely and called a liar, but more than anything, I was denied a chance to adopt a relatively healthy child. The child they sent me to adopt clearly had signs of cerebral palsy and was not making the progress they claimed he had. I have videos of him trying to get upright from a laying down position, which was incredibly sad to watch. I would have loved to help him, but I could not take in a moderately to severly disabled child into my home. That is the one thing I was extremely clear about with the agency, because my first child was severly disabled (drunk driver destoyed his life).

They hurt me financially and emotionally, as well as my family. I'm not financially able to adopt a child at all, now. Others that used them praise them, but then they adopted the child they went to adopt. I pity anyone they send that also decides against adopting the child they flew there to adopt.

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