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Highly recommend

Better Living is a great adoption agency if you let them do their job but their hands get tied when mothers want to work with a lawyer in a private placement. Once the lawyer gets paid, they are gone. It's the agency that still remains. Try calling them back again. But depending on what you are asking from them honestly, they just might not be able to give you what you want. Make sure you leave your full name and telephone number so that they can call you back!

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Highly recommend for a home study

We used Better Living for our homestudy to adoption a baby from Guatemala. They were professional, accurate and compassionate. The home study process went quickly and we were on our way to completing our dossier.

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Would not recommend

My placement was a private adoption in 1998. It was mainly through the attorneys and the agency was used as 'back-up' (I believe it is also the law in NJ).

I first want to make clear that although the adoption was extremely difficult for me, I do not have any regrets in my decesion to give him a more stable life.

That being said... the counseling through the agency during the transition, placement & after was practically non-existent. When they did meet with me it was generally 15-20 mins.

Throughout the first year I called them numerous times asking for support only to get an answering machine each and every time. When I did get a call back it was typically just someone saying they would have someone call me as soon as possible.

I completely gave up reaching out to this agency. Perhaps in a regular adoption this would not be the case. Perhaps it was simply that in my 'private' adoption they were there for legal purposes only and the attorneys are the actual ones to blame.

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