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Buckner Adoption

We just welcomed home our daughter earlier this year through the help of Buckner. They were great throughout the process. We started in their international program but for various reasons (ours) we decided to switch to an open domestic adoption. We were so scared to make this switch but they helped us so much talking with us and offering us resources and other couples to talk to. The amount of education and resources they give is overwhelming at first but I would not have wanted it any other way. I felt like I was so much more prepared because of their mandatory education.
I know they have tried to continue counseling with our birthmom but she has not received counseling. Although I know she is still in contact with her counselor only via e-mail. We have a wonderful growing relationship with her.
This is our first adoption and we will definately consider using Buckner for our second.

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Loved Buckner Adoption.

We had a great experience with Buckner. Our son's birthmom has continued to receive counseling services from them since placement, and they are always willing to talk to us even though they know we probably will not pursue another adoption. We used Buckner Adoption Services for a domestic adoption in 2006. We recommend the agency to anyone looking, and would use Buckner again if we were planning another adoption.

The best thing about Buckner was all of the education we received about open adoption. We also liked their pay-as-you-go plan. The only negative thing I would say is that we were not thrilled with the attorney who was recommended to us by the team at Buckner.

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buckner baptist benevolence

This agency made several promises it failed to keep.
Promised support for birthmothers that never happened after relinquishing. Also would not take calls from birthmothers after child placed.

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