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They are not in it for the money; nobody has to be Catholic!!

I chose Catholic Social Services to adopt because they seem to be the only agency not in it for the money that allows single parents to adopt. The homestudy worker is non-judgmental and is willing to work with you to get the homestudy completed as quickly as possible. They don't charge as much as most agencies. It is about $1000.00 for the homestudy and application fee and 10% of the income for the placement fee, which is not paid until after you are matched and the consent period has passed.

The wait, however, is long for many people. Not many people choose Catholic Social Services because (1) they think you have to be Catholic and (2) they don't bribe or coerce birth parents to place their child for adoption.

(1) It is called Catholic Social Services but NO ONE has to be Catholic. The birth mother doesn't have to have any religious affiliation and can still receive assistance and counselling. The adopting person just has to be a Christian and have a letter from a pastor; they do not have to be Catholic.

(2) Though the birth mother is not given a bunch of money; she is offerred financial assistance and counselling and not shoved out of the door after she places the baby for adoption.

My recommendation is this: if you want a genuine, non corrupt adoption experience (from both sides) choose CSS. For the birth mother, you will receive care and counselling but not a bunch of money. For the prospective adoptive parent, the wait will be long so start early. If you want to adopt a child by 40, appy at 35. If you want to adopt a child by 35, apply at 30.

I highly recommend this agency even though I am still in the waiting process.

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