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Do not recommend

We completed our ethiopia adoption in 2014. When we started the process we thought they were a good agency. There were slowdowns and setbacks that seemed out of the agency's control.
However, toward the end of our process we realized they really are not such a good, honest agency. Their in country staff is very sketchy, and it doesn't seem they have positive relationships with those it's necessary to have them with.
The MO staff also seems to be withholding some important info from the families. Other agencies have been receiving referrals and processing some cases, while CHI is not. It doesn't appear they are working to change this either.

I think the main program running now is china, and i have no experience with that program. However, I would recommend families go with another agency. The same people working in the ethiopia program work with the china program. If they can lie or mislead ethiopia families, they can do it with families in other programs.

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Use Caution

We adopted through the Ethiopia program with Children's Hope International, our adoption was completed December 2011. At first we were very pleased with CHI it was not until after we received our referral we became very unhappy. Our contact person became very vague in answering our questions (if answering them at all) and became very hard to get ahold of. Kind of fishy that they were very nice and quick and thorough in answering questions before we turned in our dossier but after (when we were locked in) they were very hard to communicate with. It was after court we became aware of an essential piece of information about our son's history that we really started losing trust in them. They knew this piece of information about his history and kept it out of our referral.
We became good friends with many other families in the process, though I can only review my experience their stories would shock and scare you. They were very slow in answering our questions and rarely answered them directly. In the 5 months between the two trips they were not willing to give us any updates on our son. They finally gave me one weight update after I pushed for it for 3 weeks. When additional info was requested by the US embassy they were slow in getting it.
I know choosing an agency for Ethiopia is hard right now. Many are not accepting new applications and waiting lists are getting very long. Ask specific questions about what happens between the two trips- what kind of updates do you get. Also ask about the embassy process. This is becoming a huge hold up for most families. Don't believe any agency that tells you it will be 6-8 weeks between the two trips. From my friends we all waited 4-5 months.

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Was with the CHI, jumped to another agency

Hello, If I could give less than one star I would. I was with CHI for well over a year. I had all my paper work done, home study done, clearances done. I was told my paper work had been sent over Noverber 2007. The begining of 2008 I was told a great many other things. My paper work had not been sent, I was in line. I should expand my ages for a girl. When ever I asked questions, I did not get a straight answer. I went through several different coordinators. I had asked to be kept informed as to what was going on either through e-mail or phone calls. I never have gotten any phone calls, and the only e-mails were bulk generic e-mails. When I called or e-mails it would take several to get any type of responce.
Oddly enough I was on FRUA and another agency caught my eye, I called their coordinator. She talked to me for over an hour. This was in April. I decided it wouldn't hurt to send my paper work to her. Within 2 weeks (or maybe even less) I had a referal. I went
in June for my first trip and returned to pick her up in late August. I had stopped calling my agency in April. I never heard from them till I returned home in September. They called to tell me I again had another coordinator. I was torn between laughing at them, and being very angry. Yes, between April and September of 2008 I never heard from them. For this reason alone I would give them less that one star.
I think the agency takes on too many families, collect fees from them, really don't do any work for them. I think an agency that is good, does not take on any more families that they can handle. The are well connected in the country they are sending families to.
I am only one person, and this is only my story and opinion. I hope it helps someone else.

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Run from CHI - Dwyatt Gantt wants to sell CHI to Holt

Last week Dwyatt Gantt post message to recipients inside and outside agency:

From: Dwyatt Gantt
Sent: Friday, August 15, 2008 4:11 PM
Subject: Confidentiality

It is very important that you do not mention to anyone about our talks with Holt
Dwyatt Gantt

Executive Director
(314)812-1799 Direct Line
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Home Office
11780 Borman Drive, St. Louis , MO 63146
Tel: (314) 890-0086 - Fax: (314) 812-1819

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Great Experience

I adopted my daughter in November 2005 and have only great things to say about CHI. They were there every step of the way, answered my questions whenever they could, and helped me to because a mother to my beautiful, smart and healthy daughter. If I had the funds to adopt again, I would do so through CHI.

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Latest CHI memo (and my comments in parenthesis)

The following was sent to all in process Children's Hope International
families today

    (July 21).

      I have been asked to post this to all the CHI country Yahoo
      groups as well. Ann Tollefson


      On Friday we sent you an email that Children's Hope, to our great surprise, was
      denied Hague approval. It was on the basis of an incomplete corrective action
      plan in one state that we thought was totally resolved. . This is nothing new
      but something unfinished. We are appealing the decision but we are also
      preparing details for you on how this affects your adoption process or even if
      it does affect it. Each country is different so your country program director
      will let you know later today the information you need. As you can imagine this
      was a complete shock for us as well - as we believed that all requirements were
      in perfect order.

      As you already know, last year we made the discovery
        (Russia made the discovery)
          that improper procedures by two staff within our Russia department
            (one the program director)
              were done in the St. Louis office. There was misuse of notary privileges and mis-handled paperwork to Russia . Children?

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I would say ran people from

I would say ran people from all of it... Kaz program is just to show what is going to happend to Russian program.. RUN PARENTS RUN AWAY FROM CHI AS FAST AS YOU CAN, ALL OF THE OTHER GOOD AGENCIES ARE GETTING FILLED UP WITH PARENTS LEAVING CHI AND LINES ARE GETTING MUCH LONGER ...

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CHI Hague accreditation has been denied

From Dwyatt Gantt, director of agency:
On July 9th, 2008 CHI was reviewed by COA for our Hague accreditation. Yesterday, July 17, 2008 we were informed by COA that our Hague application has been denied. Our denial was based on being non-compliant in one state where we are licensed. This was not brought to our attention until last week after the Hague review was already underway. We are currently working to resolve this issue and will be requesting from COA re-consideration to our approval.
Specific information on how this affects you - or if it will affect you will be coming next week from your adoption consultant.

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No Girls- Yes, really, no girls

I know for a FACT that CHI is not able to secure girls for adoption. I signed with them (and I do want to be clear) I asked EVERYONE about being able to adopt a girl. I was told ABSOLUTELY- that was unfortunately one of many untruths CHI told me. I left CHI as I saw families who wanted to adopt a girl (waiting 18M+) with no referral. I signed with another agency and I am not reviewing medicals/video of a 2-year old (girl) I am going to adopt. All told, this has taken me 5M. I lost 13M in my adoption process, believing the stories Anna, then Karen (and Jeff) told me.

Ask Jeff to send you a published list of the girls who have been adopted since they started. It will be a small list- Ask for their names/phone numbers and call them yourself. Keep in mind, their overall ability to do many adoptions there is small- Best year, 12-15. In comparison, Adoption Ark, WP, Little Miracles- 30-50 a year.

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No girls...really?

I'm not sure where you are getting this information but when I've called and spoken with the program director at CHI, he's told me that they have indeed completed female adoptions this year and that families who are currently in country are adopting girls.

Who told you this information?

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