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Adoption Services

We are so fortunate!

After my husband and I had met with Dr.Ken and Lynn we signed up immediately with Hope for Families, we really felt comfortable with them. They explained everything about the adoption process and answered all our questions. We were then matched so quickly we could not believe it. When the time came that our baby was going to be born we had to head out to the hospital in the middle of the night and we had a very long ride, Dr. Ken and Lynn were on the phone with us throughout the night. Once we arrived to the hospital Dr.Ken and Lynn stayed in contact with us as well as the birth mother the entire time we were there, we were so nervous and scared but they made everything go so smoothly. Once we left the hospital they stayed on top of everything to make sure everyone was ok. They showed that they really care for all of us. I can not thank them enough for everything that they have done for us and the way they handled everything. Because of Dr.Ken and Lynn we are so fortunate to have our little baby.


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