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Be Careful with This Company

I would not recommend this company. International adoption is already a long, tedious, and painful process and this company does not pay attention or even try to understand the families they are working with. From the beginning of our adoption process we have told Lifeline we hoped for younger children and they have not listened. We have been in the process of international adoption for 5 years now and paid almost $20.000. When we started the process we told lifeline we would like 2-3 years olds (2 children) they asked us to push our acceptable ages up to 3-5 which we did. Now we have waited for several years and instead of 3-5 year olds they would like us to take children 8-10 year's old (this is older than our bio kids and we have said from the beginning keeping our bio oldest the oldest is very important to us. Another example of them not listening or understanding our family.) We expressed our frustrations to our Case worker with lifeline and she had us talk to the program director who oversees all of their adoptions. He listened, seemed empathetic and told us he would look into what other options were available. It has been 2 weeks since he has responded to our emails or phone calls. I find this highly unprofessional and extremely discouraging. Please be careful if you choose to try adopting through this company.

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