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Hope for Families stood beside us through it all

It is true but we can honestly say that Hope for Families stood beside us through it all. We found Hope for Families through Facebook after being unhappy with our previous agency. Hope for Families was extremely responsive and we felt very at ease with Lynn and Ken. They truly care about their adoptive parents, expectant mothers and birthmothers. We matched very quickly the first time but it failed two weeks before the baby was born. We matched again about 3-4 months later only to have that match fail. At that point we truly hit rock bottom and began to wonder if it was ever going to happen. We wont lie, it was a dark time for us and we had a very hard time feeling positive. But Lynn and Ken always had positive words of encouragement and prayerful hopes for us. They continued to tell us (and show us) that they would stick by us until we had our baby. We truly felt like there was no hope but exactly as their name states, there is always a hope for family. We finally got the news of a third potential match and they knew without a doubt that this was a perfect match for all of us and sure enough, we gaze every day now at our beautiful son. We almost gave up and threw in the towel but Lynn and Ken encouraged us to believe and have faith that it would happen. Not many people can say that their agency cares about them but Hope for Families truly does! Thank you Lynn and Ken for continuing to encourage us and helping us find our happy ending!


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