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Couldn't be happier!

My husband and I just recently adopted a baby girl through Heart of Adoptions. We live in NJ and chose to work with a Florida agency because at the time, NJ was not doing many placements and we had heard that there were more adoption placements in Florida. We were told the average wait time was 6-18 months and we got matched with the birth mother a little after the year mark. Throughout the whole process they were always very responsive and easy to get a hold of. They were happy to answer any questions we had and were always happy to help. We primarily worked with Meredith before we were matched. We would call her every few months to see if there had been any progress on being matched. She never seemed annoyed or bothered that we were calling, but instead would happily answer our questions and provide us with feedback. Once we were matched with the birth mother, we were assigned our caseworker, Reena. Reena was always very helpful, friendly and professional. If there was ever a question that she was unsure of, she would find out the answer and always get back to us. As we got closer to the birth of our daughter, Reena always made herself available and guided us through every step of the process. We were so happy when Reena came to the hospital to meet our little girl before we took her home. Overall, we were extremely happy with this agency and would recommend it to anyone!

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