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Adoption Services

Beware alternative motives

We have been working with Bethany Christian Services in Elkins Park Pennsylvania. They like many agencies and slow and understaffed. We attended the classes, did all the paperwork. Then I had to call and leave messages over and over to get the home study done. After the home study they told me that people who drive the process, like I did usually want to give the kids the adopt up. They also said that they don't trust that I will listen to them and not contact other caseworkers. I thought that was strange okay so great they don't trust me, you know what I don't trust them. It felt like there was an agenda there. I lost faith in their ability to do what's right. Maybe because I am older and more experienced in life in general, jaded perhaps, but I just got a bad sense from them. We have elected after going through months of this to go with another agency. It's for foster adoption of an older child.

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