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Good luck on getting a refund

My 1 star = zero stars..

We sent phase 1 in the summer of 2014. We were required to send the phase II and III in the fall of 2015 for a possible birthmother match. Once we met the birthmother and gave her an all day expense paid meals, ultra-sound, gifts and tried to get to know her, we were told she changed her mind the following Monday. We flew across the country on 2 week notice btw... We are over that now, which was one of the most heartbreaking experiences but understandable in this whole situation ( we tell ourselves it was her decision and ANLC had nothing to do with it). ANLC suggested to hold onto the phase III money for our next match. We said ok.

So now we would like our Phase III money back. As of now we have requested the phase III back on February 17th 2017 and excuse after excuse is all we recieve. We do have the somewhat monthly updates, whether or not they are legit is a whole other question and conversation.

This is our advice as a couple if you are thinking about using ANLC....DONT. They are extremely expensive and do only try to sell you their "package" of website placements. They even asked us if we wanted to be on their Facebook page. As for the refund, they have excuse after excuse like other parents are asking for their refunds as well, which makes us question why so many people want their money back. Our next advice is to just go to a local adoption agency in your state. The laws will be more common and you wont be out thousands for a trip that didnt work out.

2nd reason why we dont want anyone else to use them: We are not lawyers, they are, and we signed a contract in which to pay for we are making payments on for years so this could possibly happen. They took our trust and money and we feel completely scammed by them and could be by any adoption agency we talk to now.

Thanks ANLC for ruining the adoption experience for the both of us!

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