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We hope this will help anyone thinking of using Family Creations located at, 3010 Manatee Avenue W, Bradenton, FL 34205 with Executive Director Kirk Zeppi. We highly recommend you call a local attorney, talk to judges, and other local adoption agencies before deciding on any agency, but specifically this one. My husband and I wish we did this before we unfortunately walked though this businesses door. Family Creations and especially Mr. Kirk Zeppi is very well known in the area and not in a good way. If you do choose to work with this company we recommend you hire a good attorney to protect yourself and
keep your family safe by walking away the second it starts going sideways. Please know if you are going to be his next victim there are other trustworthy agencies out there waiting to fix the horrible nightmare he will do to you. My husband and I found out not to long ago that he had done the same thing to more than six families since us, and it hasn’t been that long. If you are one of his many victims please speak out, this could be the only way to protect future family’s just like us.

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