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America World Adoption Association
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Grateful for AWAA

If you're called to adopt, we encourage you to consider our agency, America World. We give them our highest recommendation. They are truly professional, have a great reputation in the countries they serve, they are Christ-centered, and fully supportive and communicative with the families they work with. In the post-adoption stage and beyond, AWAA offers great support and resources to encourage and equip adoptive families. AWAA's heart is for the orphan, and it is clear in everything they do and how they do it. They facilitate adoptions internationally and domestically, they organize missions trips, hosting opportunities, and they pour into orphanages in tangible and continual ways. It's a first-class agency and we love their mission. Their website is full of resources and it's a great way to become educated about adoption, adoptive parenting, and orphan ministry.

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