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Wonderful experience - highly recommended

My husband and I were expats living in South Asia when we began our international adoption journey with CHI. After interviewing several agencies, we found CHI was the most up front with honest information about their programs, and were the most prompt in returning our emails. They did not try to hide any information, rather they gave us all the information we needed to make the best decision for our family. The other agencies were not so honest or forthcoming with information, or they took two weeks to respond to a simple inquiry!

During the application process, our case manager answered questions emails within twenty-four hours, even the weekends she was getting married and moving into a new house! She was very dedicated. Because of where we were living abroad, we used another agency for our home study who had a social worker in country already. This was the biggest mistake of our entire adoption, but not CHI's fault.

Overall, CHI is a team who understands what adoptive parents need - lots of honest information in a timely and professional manner, with a caring spirit. Here you will find a team committed to you and your adoption, the whole way through.

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