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Extremely disappointed

We hired K&K to be our adoption attorneys. They recommended we write our family information using the help of a writer. We paid the writer $800 for his help. We then sat on the waiting list for 9 months and I never heard from K&K. I called them and they informed us that no birth mothers had shown interest in us. We are a young and healthy college educated couple with a home and very supportive extended family. I asked him why he thought we hadn't been chosen and he provided no insight. During our initial meeting he had said he would be shocked if we hadn't been matched within 9 months. The only recommendation was to take another look at our bio...the one we paid $800 for HIS writer to develop. We felt we were treated with a condescending attitude. We had been through several infertility treatments and were excited about adopting and we told them that. We didn't see any effort put forth on their part to help us. We have been very dissatisfied. We thought it was necessary to share our true experience since most other reviews say only positive things.

Owner's reply

We are sorry to hear how upset you are. This is so unfortunate. Adoption is not for everyone. It is never easy when it takes longer than expected to be picked by an expectant mother. At Kirsh & Kirsh we respect the expectant mother's choice. We cannot make an expectant mother choose any particular family. We can only present them with our clients' profiles and let me choose on their own. We do everything we can to help our clients present themselves honestly and accurately. Sometimes though that is just not enough for the expectant mom’s that contact us to help them with their adoption plans.

We can say though that 100% of the families that have stuck with us have gone home with their baby. We are sorry you were not able to wait and that adoption through our firm did not work out for you. Working in adoption we understand that emotions run high so we expect that people will be upset from time to time. With over 35 years of experience and over 5,000 successful adoptions we hope that our track record speaks for itself.

Take care and be well.

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