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Two completed and two in progress

our adoption journey started in 2011 when I first felt the call to adopt. It wasn't until 2016 that we took the first steps towards this call. We were nervous. We hardly knew anything about adoption and then we found them. Twin girls from Africa listed on Rainbow Kids by Life Adoption Services. There was something there, we knew we had to pursue. I immediately started emailing countless questions to Alma. She was always quick to respond. If she didn't know the answer, she would tell me that but she would also take the time to try to figure out the answer to my question. After reading a few negative reviews we were nervous about signing with the agency. So I asked to speak with the woman who started it all. She herself is also a passionate and caring adopting be momma. She happily spoke on the pine with me and also answered any question I had. While dealing with issues regarding our homestudy, from our local agency not Life Adoption Services, Alma went above and beyond to make sure all the errors were corrected in a timely manner. Our adoption of the twins from Ghana went remarkably well and fast. We expected much more delays. We signed papers to start the process for the girls in March 2016 and brought them home Easter week in 2917! While in Africa we heard of another set of twins that had been abandoned and were in desperate need of a family. Our homestudy had approved us for four children so we contacted Alma to see if it was possible. She was supportive and encouraging and Life Adoption Services did everything they could to help us rescue the second set of twins. We only just found out about the second set of twins in December of 2016, their court date is already set and I hope to travel back to Africa in the fall to bring them home. We are forever grateful to Life Adoption Services for everything they have done to help bring our family together.

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