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Adoption Services


My name is Lindsey M I went though heart to heart they didn't start helping me till I was 26 weeks and they helped till today I am 34 weeks and cannot work they called today and said they didn't have a family for my child because she was special needs they basically cut me off of everything with no warning or way to pay my rent which is due next week they also continued to say they paid my gas bill that they didn't pay it's in disconnect for a past due balance that is past due because they didn't pay it I don't see how people can be so inconsiderate of people life and just cut you off with no warning or care for their future very unprofessional in my opinion and today7/26/17 the director of the company called and told me I was wrong for writing this review about their services even though the gas company just came and cut my service off from a bill that they compromised to pay before they let me know they didn't have a family it they would have at least gave me some advanced notice I could've made other arrangements for my bills and rent now I'm in limbo with me not being able to work I would highly recommend looking to another agency for services for you or your family before using them I have always been financially stable before I ever came into contact with these people with the promise of their help I thought I was okay to rely on them for the time being not true at all

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