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I never leave reviews for this but had to do my best to warn people about this agency. This past year, we finished our adoption through their Ethiopia program and our time with them was a nightmare. The board of the agency is run by one family so there is no accountability. Once you accept a referral you pay monthly "foster home fees", this leads to a slow process with times extended to make more money. When I was in-country my suspicions about this were confirmed as I heard story after story from other families who, like us, caught them sitting on paperwork, not doing necessary steps for months, or requiring Ethiopian employees to put more time into our processes. Besides this corruption, the worst part was the way we were treated. Adoptive parents are treated like naughty children and often told essentially to shut up and sit down. Questions asked about why things are the way they are or fees are met indignant "how dare you question us" responses. They punish families who try advance their own cases in legal ways like simply inquiring while in-country. While I was there I found out about them being investigated by the Ethiopian government and about them even disobeying direct orders the government had given them. Also, our costs for this adoption were double the ballpark figure they gave us at the beginning.
STAY FAR AWAY FROM THIS AGENCY. Lest you think I just a disgruntled customer, reach out to anyone who has used this agency in the last two years. Almost every family I spoke with at the end of the process said that the joy of finally getting their child after long wait times was only matched by their happiness of never having to deal with AA's American staff again.

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