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Breaking Hague Laws, Red Flags Beware Uganda

There are many red flags about what this agency is doing in Uganda. I'm very concerned. We have two children through them from Uganda and I would just share what I know.

It was a circus working with them. I was young, naive, and concerned...but didn't know any better. High pitch sales like tactics to move children "quickly." seemed off...odd to me...even in the beginning. In addition to the sales-like tactics...Lori Scott told me lies about my children's family not wanting the kids. She painted a picture of grandmother as not caring. I found this to be extremely insensitive to my children's birth family regardless of their situation in being unable to care for them.

Also, the orphanage in Uganda which they oversee or (or rather don't oversee) is extremely abusive to children. My children were beaten, starved, and forced to go to bathroom on ground outside rather than use a bathroom. Extremely unsanitary, dangerous. Children were forced to do their business outside at night or face violent beatings and other punishments, starved etc.

Secondly, the orphanage director/social worker is violating Hague and clearly promising the families monetary incentive to place children up for adoption. I became aware of this pretty quickly when my husband and I were heavily pressured to give money to sick family members by multiple people and we were even shown private information in regards to families who had given money. I knew of the families from their fb page. That is a violation of Hague because it creates the impression that this is a transaction between family and U.S. adoptive parents no matter how small the donation. And I was aware of that and informed Lori Scott directly, who then never spoke to me again and relegated all other communication with me through various other personnel. Bizarre.

Attorney's documents had many mistakes. I was incredibly thorough and corrected multiple mistakes before going to customs. But I did need to stay an additional week as customs red flagged our case and had to do additional investigations.

It worked out okay in the end, but I still have many concerns about what the family was told in terms of the children being adopted and how little they may actually understand about it.

Overall, I didn't have a good relationship with this agency. They were also unhelpful during post placement and didn't know laws of our state, and they are not knowledgeable about requirements of obtaining finalization once home, even though their post placement representative lives in our state.

I would say BEWARE. Do not adopt from Uganda through this agency.

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