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Don't use this agency - there are plenty of others

If I could rate Kirk and his agency a 0 star, I would. We were one of those couples who, unfortunately wound up losing over $13K to Kirk and his agency. In hindsight, both my husband and I feel strongly that we were scammed and there was never a birth mother who was seriously interested in placing a baby with us. We should have walked away when he threatened us by saying 'maybe another couple is better for this match' when we asked him to help us understand where all of the expenses were coming from, or when he referred to his staff as 'my girls', or when the only contact we had with him when the situation started getting bad was via text (yes, they screen their phone calls)... but we were desperate for a baby and were foolish at the time. We have since adopted from another agency that was wonderful, so if you are considering this agency, PLEASE don't make the same mistake we did. There are plenty of agencies out there that are great... this is not one of them. Don't do it.

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