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Learn from our mistake, DO NOT use Adoption Avenues

We began our adoption process with Adoption Avenues over 4 years ago. Throughout the process we experienced poor and unprofessional communication and we feared retaliation if we ever spoke up. The few times we would question or challenge the process we were shut down with no logical explanation but just told it was what it was and they didn't have to clarify or be held accountable for anything. Outside of the timelines constantly being prolonged and delayed, one of the biggest frustrations was that the fees were constantly changing and random fees were added that were not outlined in the contract. While we were in country we communicated with many families that had similar experiences and had been charged the same sort of fees without any clarification. In fact, some were told that if they didn't just pay the fees, the agency would STOP processing their cases (even after the families had gone to court and had custody of their children) because they refused to be challenged. We would never recommend Adoption Avenues to any family who would like honest communication, full transparency of the adoption costs, compassion, and empathy throughout their adoption process. Please do your research, reach out to other families that have gone through AA in the last few years, don't place your trust to build your family in this agency, you will be seriously disappointed. If you are a 'go with the flow' kinda person, they will be perfectly happy accepting you into their program and taking all of your money. Just don't ask questions and be ok watching your child/ren grow up across the world, in an institution, for years.

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