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hope this helps future victims

Hi Adoptive parent 2. Kirk did the exact same thing to our family. He used the same language he called his birth moms "his girls" and said they would do anything for him. It was very disturbing!! After he cashed our first check right in front of us he started telling us very inappropriate stories about his other client. Long and horrible story short he put us though hell, he matched us with a mom before the paperwork was even filled out,( actually we never filled out paperwork we didn't get to that point, he knew exactly what he was going to do to us), he then started blackmailing us, and when he found out he wasn't going to get another dime from us. We then asked for the money back that we had given him in the beginning. That made him extremely made, and told us we would be terrible parents and he had the power to make it so we could never adopt in this country again. I want to thank adoption helper for writing also. When we got a lawyer he told us unfortunately he's heard this story so many time with the same situation that Kirk put these wonderful family though hell. We wanted to stop him but we didn't have enough money and our lawyer told us Kirk banks on it. He only took a few thousand dollars from us and our lawyer said we were extremely luck because he normally gets many more. I'm so sorry to hear that he done it again and hurt another family. Hopefully more of Kirk victims will come our and we can stop him from hurt great people like us.

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