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Not a Good Experience

My husband and I started an international adoption with Hopscotch three years ago, the pilot program for Guyana. We did a fair amount of research on different countries, and after speaking at length with Hopscotch decided to try this program. Hopscotch had high recommendations as an agency and they seemed convinced, and convincing, that the program was going to get off the ground within 6 months for non-relative adoptions. Now, three years later we never hear a word from them, not even an email update. Early on they were sending encouraging reports every few months drumming up interest, conference calls with a lawyer down there, etc. Then it all went cold overnight. I find it hard to believe an agency such as theirs would not have done enough homework or enough trips down there to determine whether the pilot program had a legitimate chance of succeeding before getting people involved. In truth, we felt like Hopscotch used the 'pilot program' tactic to raise money for their agency (the initial funds are, of course, not refundable). The whole thing has left us with a very poor impression of both Hopscotch and international adoptions.

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