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Wasatch could NOT have cared more for our family!

After nearly five years in the adoption process and having worked with five different agencies, we adopted a child through the Second Chance program with Wasatch International Adoption Agency (WIAA). They absolutely could not have cared for us better throughout our waiting time and our adoption! They read countless e-mails from a heartbroken mom waiting for her child and took the time to show such compassion to me. They helped us complete our adoption and have checked in with us several times since. When we were transitioning with our daughter and her disrupting family, Cyndi was checking in with us throughout that transition time and on the way home. I could not have asked for better!

There are hang-ups in the adoption process. We originally started adopting from Ukraine with a different agency and for reasons we could not understand at the time, our paperwork just sat on someone's desk and was constantly delayed. We did everything we could to get that paperwork turned around and we just couldn't. It wasn't the agency's fault. There is only so much workers can do to get through the government red tape. This is true of our own country's adoption process as well. When you are a mom, in love with a child you have never met, it is difficult to wait and out of frustration and anger, we are sometimes quick to find someone to blame. It happens. I have been there and I get it. I don't know what other people's situations are, but I can speak for myself in saying that I absolutely could not have asked for better people to work with or a better experience! Thanks to Wasatch's Second Chance program, our daughter is finally home! We keep in touch with her first adoptive family and consider them great friends who loved and cared for our sweet daughter until we could find her. We are so thankful for this experience.

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