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daughter home

The 2nd Chance program is the one I know through WIAA and Cyndi was very professional to work with. She facilitated our calls with the other family and was nice to work with. She is a straight-to-the-point person in her communication, which I really appreciate. There were many children that we asked about adopting through this program and we were constantly told "no." (for more than 2 years!) I could have been bent out of shape because of this, but I know that it is because Cyndi knows the reasons the placement isn't working in the first place and does NOT want another failed adoption for any child. She is SO VERY careful about this and even though it was hard to hear "no, you're not a good fit" so many times, I'm really thankful that they are so careful. I would not want to have to dissolve an adoption because we're not the right fit--no adoptive parent does--and in the end, we were a perfect fit for the right child. I never thought we would get to bring our daughter home, but last week, we finalized our adoption and my little girl now calls me, "MyDad." "Thank you" seems so small right now.

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