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Adoption Services

I can't believe this

This is crazy!!! Unfortunately, we can say the same thing happened to us with the same language. Kirk would call his birth mom “his girl” and then he would brag how they would do anything for him. It was very disturbing. On the second visit his social worker (who we now believe wasn’t even licensed) told us we were matched with a baby girl and we hadn’t even filled any paper work out. This was very unsettling, but we had never been through this process. We didn’t know anyone who had been through an adoption, and we wanted it to be true so badly. We wrote Kirk our first check, which he cashed it as he was talking to us (that was super wired). The second our check cleared the nightmare began. He became so unprofessional, talking about private matters with his other clients, and at one point told us exactly how he gets away with scamming these poor people. So, to make a long and horrifying story short, the blackmail started. When he found out he wasn’t getting another dime from us we asked him to refund our money we already gave him for a service that he did not even try to provide. He was extremely upset we asked for the money back, he then told me that we would be horrible parents and he had the power to make sure we couldn’t adopt in this country again. We right away called a lawyer and he told us they get calls all the time about Kirk and it is always the same sad story. Then we told him about the money that he stole, and the lawyer said we were lucky. Kirk only took a few thousand dollars from us, he usually would take way more $13,000 and up. I wanted to thank the brave people who are speaking out. Hopefully we can get enough of his victims to speak out so this will stop him and hopefully the law will get involved.

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