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Wasatch adoptions

Wasatch adoptions is a competent adoption agency and their integrity is evident. I highly recommend them to any family choosing to build their family through adoption. Anyone who has used another agency and then uses Wasatch will notice a huge difference in so many things.

The staff all have adoption in their families so that they realize the emotional journey this is and are kind, compassionate and caring as they work with families throughout the process. Emails are always answered promptly and when the agency is called, you get through to a live person who will connect you to the person you want to talk to.

They will help with whatever you feel you need or give very clear emailed instructions for things you want to do yourself. There is no charge for helping with the dossier, just the authentication fees you always pay. It is wonderful!

Their system is one that never keeps the families waiting. They work with each family on a one to one basis and don’t hold any paperwork up to wait for others to catch up. This is such a huge thing to me. Waiting for a group before sending paperwork or being able to travel is not something I want to do and Wasatch will never do that.

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