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A caring agency

I only called one agency. I live in Utah, so I called Wasatch, I knew immediately after speaking with Kathy that she was going to help me find my child. I never called any other agencies. I knew they were the right fit for us and we moved forward. I loved working with a smaller agency most of the time. I liked how quickly my emails were answered. I loved how when I called the front desk I didn't even need to say my last name and Dee knew who I was, and she always responded with what I needed in lightning speed. There were a handful of setbacks in the paperwork that I found very frustrating at the time. But I realize now that it is just part of the process and mistakes happen. Kathy worked tirelessly for our family to find the right child for us. I felt the only downside of going through a smaller agency is hat less children were available to us because of orphanage partnerships (although with the new China shared list rules I don't know how this will change things). But other than that, I would pick the smaller agency every single time. All of our China affairs went on seamlessly and without any issues. I wasn't forced to book certain hotels or flights or have to wait for a travel group to pick up my daughter. At the end of the day, I have an absolutely beautiful daughter in my home that is more than worth all of the waiting, money, and paperwork. I'm so thankful to Wasatch and their guiding hands as we went through this process. Their hearts are invested and that means a lot.

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