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A Loving Alternative has completed my family

I highly recommend A Loving Alternative for those considering adopting an infant who want a fast, easy process. My husband and I decided on adoption in Fall 2016, after fertility treatments failed to give us another child. We really went into it knowing nothing, but I read reviews, contacted several agencies, and had dozens of conversations with adoption professionals. Without a doubt, my first conversation with Jim of ALA put me at ease and confirmed that this choice was the best for us. We went “live” in January 2017, with an estimated wait of 12-15 months based on the fact that we already had a young, biological child. Imagine my surprise when we got “the call” less than 5 months later! Our journey was a rollercoaster with a match that was off and on (nothing to do with ALA, just an expectant mother who was questioning a very large decision)but in October 2017, 10 months after we began our journey, we brought our sweet son home.

We have an open adoption, and the birth mother of our son has told me repeatedly about how comfortable she was with Cindy. Often when I’d be on a call with Cindy, she’d get another urgent call coming in. I don’t know how she balances it all, but does with professionalism, compassion, knowledge and an understanding from someone who has been there. She offered advice when we needed it and helped us with decisions and navigating the process. Because our match had been so off and on, the actual birth was very up in the air. I felt like Cindy was holding my hand the whole way, cheering for us, supporting our sons birth mom, referring us to attorneys and social workers.... all while doing the same for other families and birth mothers.

ALA offers adoptive parents the ability to view statistics online- so I could see the number of views on our online profile as well as location of those views. While nothing ever came from my overanalyzing of those statistics, it was really interesting to be able to see those numbers, and provided reassurance that we were being seen.

I loved seeing other adoptive families come off the website, knowing it meant they’d found their happy ending. There were months when it was slow and things were discouraging, and others when four families would find matches. In general, it seemed that wait times were short and a variety of family types were chosen (younger, older, with kids, without kids, varying interests and religions and locations).

My little family of four is now complete, thanks to A Loving Alternative. Cindy and Jim, thank you, thank you, thank you.

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