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Adoption Services

Untrustworthy, being investigated by the US Government

We used this agency for our adoption, and had a completely traumatizing experience. Sometimes our contact people would just give platitudes instead of actual updates on our case. Sometimes they would outright lie to us. Everything was stalled on our case, not because of the foreign government, but because our agency repeatedly refused to submit paperwork with the government ministry in charge. This was not above and beyond work, this is literally what they are supposed to do for the child. This was after 1.5 years of paying hundreds a month for the "foster home" fees. We begged and pleaded with them for and additional NINE MONTHS to please work on our case and they flat out refused. In the end we had to travel abroad to the ministry ourselves to do the work - and got a response the same day to complete our case. For the life of me I cannot understand what they have to gain by not helping get these children into their adoptive homes if it isn't for the monthly foster home fees (and at the time they were racking up about $15-$20,000 a month in fees from adoptive parents).

When we went to travel for court they again tried to stall everything, and kept telling us not to come, that things would take weeks or months. We went anyway and got everything done immediately.

There was not a problem with miscommunication. This agency was deliberate in it's attempt to thwart our family and many other family's attempts to complete their adoptions.

Please do not use this agency. They are under investigation for fraudulent behavior, and I sure hope they lose their license over it.

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