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Downey Side Family for Youth

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Downey Side family for youth Point Pleasant NJ

We used Downey Side in an attempt to adopt a little boy form texas. The adoption never went though because of there mishandling . A major psychological condition was never reviled to us . We discovered the condition after he was placed in our home. Downey Side is over worked and under funded . The people who work there in there New Jersey office as well as there main office in New York City are either burnt out or inexperienced or incompetent . They are understaffed and the support systems they say they have in place are a joke or simply do not exist. The one thing the New Jersey office has is a dumping ground (bridge home) for all the failed adoptions they have . Like this they can keep there failure rate low. There are other agencies out there that do the same type of adoptions that are better staffed and better funded. May be if they spent a little more time on our adoption and a little less time " asking for donations" we would be parents today . Think twice before you use them and then find another agency

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I have worked with this firm and thought they did a nice job. Thank you Marieadonna, Dan, Pat, Sister Liz. for helping me adopt my son!!! ERIN THOMPSON

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The angency mission is great but they are have a hard time with money. They just layed off most of their staff. The workers that are left are angry/tired and take it out on the family who are trying to adopt. My husband and I are too far in the process to go to another agencey. I would think twice before using them. Perhaps call and see if they are back on track.

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