Florida Home Studies and Adoption

Florida Home Studies and Adoption

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A great experience

Our family could not have had a better experience with our Vietnam adoption. The time flew by, from our initial contact to the day we adopted our children.

My only caveat with this agency is if you are planning (or wanting) to adopt in Vietnam, you need to be sure to research, research, research what is going on with adoptions in Vietnam. It sounds like the program is pretty unstable at this point, and it appears to be on the US government side of the program. It's possible that the MOU will not be signed again in September, which could leave PAP's in the cold.

Our adoption happened before all of the instability and the latest changes with I-600's came about in the last several months.

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Florida Home Studies and Adoption

We were referred to this agency for a homestudy by our 1st agency. When we called to schedule the appt., they were so nice and friendly and gave us every reason why we should use them for the entire adoption. They emphasized that we should use them because we were in the same state but we later found that there was no added benefit (everything was done by mail/phone anyway). Initially, we received constant communication and they even had some previous clients call us to share their experiences. Once the homestudy was done and the fees paid, all communication stopped. We had to call to find out anything and often did not receive a return call. Out of frustration, we began to research things for ourselves. The internet provided invaluable information and we were finally able to understand more about the wait. Meanwhile, our agency continued to tell us that we would have a referral in 10 months, then 12, then 14, etc and told us to ignore the things we had read on the internet. When they continued to be wrong and armed with an understanding of the process, we confronted the agency. They dismissed it saying they had no control over the wait (which they did not), but they had every control over what they were telling desperate waiting families. Through the process, we also learned that our agency was not licensed for SN. After waiting a year and a half, we wanted to consider a SN child and found out that we could not. Once you are logged in with them, you are stuck and cannot change agencies without starting all over with a brand new dossier and agency. They never informed us of that option until it was too late (our first agency was approved for SN). We have now been logged in for 1 year, 9 months and 2 weeks with this agency and were only "invited" to their yahoo group a few months ago after we again complained about the communication (or lack thereof). The yahoo group rarely has any activity and provides no support or updates on the status of referrals. We are now withdrawing from China and pursuing a domestic adoption. I hope that my journey will be a valuable lesson for others who might consider using this agency.

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