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3.8  (5)
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Not so great

Frank Adoption Center of NC stole our money. They refused to refund all or part of our agency fee. They gave up and closed their Russian program even though other agency kept fighting for their clients. They then closed their doors. They did not provide the service we paid them for. We did not stop fighting, they did.

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avg. experience

My feedback is becoming dated as I completed my adoption in 2006.
I found the overseas team to be more detailed, caring, and able than the home office of Frank in North Carolina.
If you want an agency to get the job done, then Frank is for you. Both the staff in NC and abroad handles the paperwork, setting up the court dates, the visas, etc. Frank is also a good agency if you want a large agency which works in many regions. This is especially good for folks who due to certain health concerns or other reasons, need to go to certain regions, avoid others.
I was somewhat unhappy with the local staff. When I was a client, there was a lot of turnover. I ended up having three caseworkers before we completed our adoption. At the time, there was also a Russian reaccreditation issue and a slowdown. At that time, Frank tried to open up various other programs in other Eastern European/Asian nations which border Russia. We were in a pilot program to adopt from Armenia. We were informed that the adoption would go through, it was a matter of when. After approx. 7 mo. of time, paperwork and money, we found out that Armenia wouldnt give us children to adopt. We had to redo the whole dossier. I felt Frank should have done their homework in terms of opening up in countries where the adoptions would be viable.
In general, I felt like the agency didn't like the IA doctor I was using. My IA doctor is very knowledgeable about the Russian adoption system, was Russian born, and Russian-trained. The agency tried to steer me towards a IA group in NY. I tried them once and wasn't too happy with them. I wanted to use my own impartial doctor. That was important to me.
Lastly, since we arrived home with our child, we have only heard from Frank once to see how we are doing. There were no other calls for feedback or anything. The only time we hear from them is when we have a post placement report due or if they want us to participate in a fundraiser.
Overseas, the team met us when they were supposed to, were easygoing, and knew how to get us to the right people and got us to our appointments on time. You could tell that they had been very experienced with the Russian adoption/court system.
In the end, Frank got the job done. We ended up with a smart, funny, delightful child. That was our main goal. The teams locally in NC and overseas got the job done. I just wish It could have been done more easily and with some more basic courtesy.

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Frank Adoption in NC

Our two Russian children were both adopted using Frank in NC. Our experience from start to finish was flawless. All fees were exactly what Frank projected. Their staff in the United States and in Russian exceeded all of our expectations. Phone call and e-mails were promptly returned. Medical information that Frank in NC had about our children was openly provided at the time we were given referrals. Their ethics and honesty were beyond reproach. We have two beautiful and wonderful children!

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Great experience with Frank

My wife and I completed our adoption in July, 2006 and I was very pleased with Frank. Our referral was everything we were promised and more. The Frank employees in Russia are wonderful people who truly care about the kids and the adoptive families. I would recommned Frank to my closest friends.

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Good experience

We had a wonderful experience with this agency. The only caution I offer is to have all referrals reviewed by a good int'l adoption doctor. I have a feeling the agency tells people their referrals are "healthy" when they may not be.

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