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2.7  (3)
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Poor Experience

Perhaps this agency is great at international adoptions, but frankly, don't have a clue with domestic ones. The process was rushed, messy, unclear and there has been almost zero follow up. We had to contact them repeatedly for information and they set up horrible meetings with the birth family that didn't go well for anyone. The child's best interest were not at the center of anything, in my opinion, as we recieved no information on counseling, support groups or anything to help our struggling family. In fact, they really didn't know anything about the child they were representing, as we learned later. We were basically given nothing after our check cleared. The staff turnover is something else- in 6 months we communicated with 4 different people assigned to us. I would not recommend this agency at all. Though we love our child, the process for becoming a family is tarnished by our experience with this agency.

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from a birth mom

I recently gave child up for adoption through this company and wasn't exactly the best experience. They told me they could help me with several things-bus pass, phone, medical bills, etc and not exactly helpful. Once I was 3 months pregnant and was told I couldn't get that months bus pass (2 weeks into the month with 3 weeks left) and another occasion I was sent an email saying they would contact for the next month's bus pass, 10 days into the month I had to tell them and never got it until several days later (6 months pregnant) and the only way I can get a shower, food, or get to my appointments is by walking or taking bus (shower and food is 1 1/2 hour walk one way). I asked them several times to help me with my medical bills that they said they would help me with when I signed on and they refuse to contact me on it ( this is 1 month after giving birth). I had to tell them several times I need assistance with a phone and never got one until I was 7 months pregnant (up until I delivered I threats on my life and child and perverts trying things on me while I try to sleep [I've been on the streets for well over a year]). I asked for help with rent money and they refused. I was told several times that I could choose the family for my baby and I was forced to choose a family that I didn't want (I had 3 preferences and 2 of the 3 were completely ignored). I had to initiate 90% of all the contact and there have been several instances where I never recieved any contact or it took them 2+ weeks to get back to me. I was told I could receive a lawyer during the adoption process and counseling (e.g. a shrink) provided through the agency, neither of which I have yet to recieve. I was promised as the bare minimum from the adoptive family that I would receive photos, letters, etc. about my child and they stopped about 3 weeks ago.

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Hawaii International Child- a fantastic agency!

What a dream to work with. This agency was honest, helpful and great at communicating with us every step of the way! We completed our adoption in 2009, and we have recommended this agency to several other people since then. We used their Taiwan program and everything went very smoothly and professionally. They even called us while we were in Taiwan to ask if everything was going well. Their sincere concern for the families they work with is truly amazing!

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