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It's just business to them!!

My husband and I were referred to them after matching with a Birthmom. Florida is weird and want to keep the money in Florida so we had to switch agencies.
We met with Annsley initially, in Person, when we flew down to meet our birth mother. She was very helpful, kind, and informative. She really did her homework and discovered our birth bother had received support from two other agencies in the previous month. She didn't know how much but warned us the agencies would be asking US to pay them back. She assured us we were not legally obligated but strongly encouraged because it would harm working relationships between agencies.
Although Birthmom seemed to be struggling a bit, we felt very connected to her and her to us. Upon returning home Annsley told us she thought BM was on drugs and potentially 'scamming' us all. We dicussed this with Birthmom whomreally wanted us to adopt her child. We were able to find her resources for the next few months, but agreed not to provide her the financial support she had requested initially. She agreed, Annsley called her to confirm, and then called us back to confirm. The next day we paid a moving company for her and that was that.
After that we were assigned to Rachel, who would follow up with BM, help her make her appointments, be a guide for her..... Rachel never knew when her appointments were until we told her. We kept in contact with BM to keep her positive, healthy and making her appointments. Rachel didn't even meet her until after she was home from the hospital. She was very sweet though.
Our daughter had medical issues and had to be transferred. The next day another woman showed up with a contract stating they would not move forward until we paid the prior agencies $6,000.00 (for one month of expenses, some of which was cash to BM for the drugs our daughter was withdrawing from) and for three months of birth mother expenses (that we had already agreed MUTUALLY not to pay). They didn't bother to confirm with Annsley, they just treated us like we we backing out on an agreement..
We had to settle on new birth mother expenses, and as far as the other agencies we rec vied a very nice call from Jeanne Tate herself telling us ( in short) to get a lawyer. We all know how much that would cost, so we agreed to pay the money. Meanwhile the executive director went on vacation, which was literally everyone else's excuse for 'not being able to help out'.
We also were told that birth father had agreed to the adoption, but when we sat down to sign papers they said "well..... He hasn't signed yet, well.... We hadn't really met him yet". They assured us it wouldn't matter what he wanted anyway because their lawyer has never lost, he's a bad guy and they would find ways to make this happen. Then every time we tried to follow up the day after they said they'd be meeting
with him we were scolded for being too pushy. Thank God he signed because we wanted a baby who needed love, not to steel a child from a struggling father.
There is plenty more, but this is the most important. This agency really messed up with our adoption and did nothing to salvage their mistakes. Our daughter is a joy but her adoption story will be very hard to tell without getting upset, which is not fair to her. Her big brothers adoption was a dream come true.

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